Nepal: Revolutionary Maoist Badal: ‘those who dissolved the PLA will be demised soon’ — ‘new PLA will be born’

We have Raised the Flag of Revolt- Ram BahadurThapa “Badal”

2 November, 2011, from site

Ram BahadurThapa “Badal”

Today is the historic day for all of us in course of fighting against imperialism and the expansionism. The moment we are holding a press-meet is a historic moment because we are going to express even our commitment but not only the opinion. The gathering here is the historic gathering that is centralized to fight against the expansionism, imperialism and their puppets. We are lined up here for resisting and fighting against puppets until our death. Certainly, the night of November 1 is the historic dark night. The dark night was marked as the cheerful night for the feudalists, imperialists and the expansionists and their puppets. However, on the other, the same night was marked as the night of suffering, worry and a curse for the family of the martyrs, wounded and the poor working class people. Therefore, we are present here with the volcano of the sufferings and a thundering voice within worry.

Certainly, the puppets of the imperialism and the expansionism broke the bottles of the whisky and put their fore heads on the feet of their masters and cheered with them that night. But, their happiness against the people and their dream of deception  will break into bubbles of water. Their feelings of peace will remain no longer. It is because we are gathering here to take raid over their mirage like happiness.

The night was the night when People’s Liberation Army (PLA) was shamelessly disarmed, cruelly disarmed and put into dust to surrender before the reaction. Therefore, it is the black night for the PLA soldiers, the working class and the freedom-loving people. This was misfortune! However, it has brought a hurricane with it. This misfortune has brought a bright future with it. The future of the working class will smash the momentary pleasure of imperialists and their puppets.

Comrades and journalist friends! We want to make our promise public on this occasion by putting the martyrs, wounded, prisoners and the poor people as witnesses of our commitment that we won’t let to ruin the dream of people in vain. We will realize their dream. The night of November 1 was the night for the culmination of the rightist disperses in the history of the communist movement of Nepal. The rightist deviation; which dissolved the PLA that has sacrificed itself for the peace and transformation, will be demised soon. Hundred thousands of new PLA soldiers will take birth from the ashes of the dissolved PLA. The land lords, puppets, imperialists and the expansionists; who are exchanging their happiness, will have no more time to feel their happiness because we are with people and people’s happiness.

Certainly, since the 4-point agreement to the BIPPA (Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement) and the 7-point agreement of the black night of November1, the rulers have played a treacherous game over the Nepalese aspiration of transformation, building a new Nepal and writing a new constitution. The dream of the Nepalese people has been made damaged. We are not in that deceptive pole and we are in the pole of the people. Puppets and their masters are in one pole and we are standing unanimously on the other with the Nepalese people. Our strength, our unity and our commitment won’t be destroyed or damaged by any forces or powers. We emerge like a strong red fort when they try to suppress and we will expand everywhere when they will dare to confine. We will protest, fight and advance victoriously until and unless feudalism, imperialism as well as the expansionism are smashed.

( Address in the press-meet by Com. Badal, General Secretary of UCPN-Maoist, held today in the National Conference Hall at the capital city Kathmandu, against 7-point agreement made yesterday night.)

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