Bangladeshi Maoists open critical discussion with Nepali Maoists

[Developments and struggles between revolutionary and revisionist political lines in Nepal, among many who have identified themselves as Maoists (in one sense or another), continue to spark polemics among revolutionaries in South Asia as well as throughout the world.  In this Open Letter from Maoists in Bangladesh, recent moves and statements by the new (and newly restored) Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) are questioned and challenged for their clarity and direction.  In the course of this Letter, critical (still-unexamined and unresolved) issues for the worldwide Maoist movement are raised.  —  Frontlines ed.]

CPMLM-BD: An Open Letter to the Sincere Comrades of Nepal

(14 August 2013)

Comrades and friends,

Red Salute!

We are sending this letter at a time when the sun of revolution in Nepal has already gone down long before. The people’s war that was earth shaking event in contemporary world that even after liberating eighty percent areas of the country has collapsed because of the betrayal line of the leaders, and as a consequence, all the achievements were lost. Now there is no People’s War, no Liberated Areas and no People’s Liberation Army. There is no hope remaining except the people. Besides, there are many sincere revolution seeking leaders and cadres who generally exist in every country as a result of revolutionary process.

The former Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)-being a member of Revolutionary Internationalist Movement rose against Maoism, abandoned the Path of Revolution, disarmed people and dismantled Base Areas. RIM committee hided those betrayal, advocated a secret Two Lines struggle, upheld coexistence with opportunism and adopted an incorrect method of restricting Line Struggle, and thus RIM committee resigned leading role of RIM. By presenting ideology as ’ Maoism or Mao thought’, led by Prachanda-Baburam the revisionists transformed Communist party of Nepal (Maoist) to Unified communist party of Nepal (Maoist). It was final rejection of Maoism. Prachanda-Baburam revisionists showed that present world and domestic situation is not favorable for revolution, so, compromise should be made. They said of so called bourgeoisie democracy instead of New Democracy. Through the so called peace talk, they made People’s Liberation Army surrender to reactionary army, and by surrendering achieved land and power to the exploiters, became imperialist- expansionists’ lackey the fascist Bureaucratic Bourgeoisie. On the other side, Revolutionary Communist Party, USA also made leap to their own revisionism. Both CPN (Maoist) and RCP USA, seeing only the outer appearance of globalized named imperialist world, and not by seeing its contradictory and moribund essence, presented it as unipolar and showed that war or revolution is not inevitable. They declared Marxism as insufficient. Both of them abandoned the concept of Proletarian Dictatorship that is a basic tenet of Marxism. Even RCP branded the confidence on Marxist Philosophy as Political Truth and hoisted the flag of non-Political Truth.

With the start of the New Year 2013, Communist party of Nepal (Maoist) has again been formed. They had invited us to their founding conference, which is their party’s 7th congress. For that we express our gratitude to them. It is to mention that a significant number of sincere Maoist leaders and cadres have united in this party, many of whom have working experience in International Communist Movement. Some days ago, a party representative of our party had a discussion with two high rank leadership of CPN (Maoist). They are hopeful that CPN (Maoist) will lead the revolution and they emphasized on building a new Communist International and rebuilding organization like Coordination Committee of Maoist Parties and Organizations. All know that internationally we made various joint statement with MLMist Communist Parties of Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, France, Spain, Belgium, Arab and Afghanistan where we struggled the successive opportunism existing in International Communist Movement such as opportunism within the leadership of RIM Committee, Avakianism, Prachandism and Centrism, and at the same time, we put forward the importance of an advance Thought for building a new Communist International. In this context, we want to raise some points to the sincere comrades within Communist party of Nepal (Maoist) and also we want to attract attention of the sincere comrades outside that party to the same points. Continue reading

Nepal: CPN (Maoist) to add paramilitary force to post-PW “revolt” plan?

CPN-Maoist leaders seek paramilitary force formation

CPN-Maoist leaders gathered for the ongoing Central Committee (CC) meeting in Pokhara have stressed the need for forming a paramilitary force comprising the former People’s Liberation Army fighters, youths, workers and students.

Commenting on the party leadership’s proposal to start a fresh people’s revolt, around 110 leaders have suggested the party leadership that the revolt cannot be accomplished without such a force.

The leaders on Monday emphasised launching an urban-centric ‘people’s revolt’. The speakers, who constitute both the Politburo and the CC members, suggested the party leadership that ‘classical revolution’ used during the Maoist insurgency could not work now. “Most of the speakers asked the party to focus on a new form of revolution terming the classical Russian model and the Chinese model as outdated,” said a CC member who attended the meeting. Continue reading

Nepal: After dissolving PLA, “establishment Maoists” organize ex-fighters to oppose the new “People’s Volunteers”

Maoist establishment forms ex-combatant association

Nanda Kishor Pun, a former commander of PLA

Nanda Kishor Pun, a former commander of PLA, Friday, April 27, 2012

KATHMANDU, APR 27 – The ex-Maoist  establishment have organised themselves under the banner of ‘Ex-People’s Liberation Army Association’ under the leadership of Nanda Kishor Pun, a former commander of PLA.  The establishment of the association was announced during a meeting at Khanna Garments in the capital on Friday.
The establishment faction of Maoist announced the Ex-PLA association immediately after the formation of ‘People’s Volunteer Bureau,’ comprised of ex-combatants, close to Vice Chairman Mohan Baidya’s fraction.

Top establishment leaders including Chairman Puspa Kamal Dahal, Vice Chairman and Prime Minister Baburam Bhattrai participated in the meeting. However, senior leaders of Baidya fraction did not attend the program. About 1,000 ex-combatants have participated in the meeting.
The hard-line faction of the party led by Baidhya had organized a similar gathering of ex-combatants two days earlier in the capital as ‘People’s Volunteer Bureau.’


Nepal: As leaders abandon revolutionary path, “disqualified” and disarmed veteran fighters prepare a new wave of struggle

Disqualified PLAs to enforce bandh

by TIKA R PRADHAN, Himalayan Times, 2012-02-21

KATHMANDU: A day after a section of the Young Communist League, youth wing of the UCPN-Maoist, announced that they would stage a sit-in at the party chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s residence and the party headquarters, the struggle committee of the disqualified Maoist fighters today called an indefinite Nepal Bandh from March 4.

“Since both the party and the government paid no heed to our demands, we have no other way but to resort to indefinite Nepal Bandh,” said Krishna Prasad Dangal, coordinator of the struggle committee of the Former Disqualified People’s Liberation Army Nepal. “We will announce the struggle plan amid a press conference at Jana Sanchar Abhiyan tomorrow.”

Dangal informed that regional struggle committees would also organise press conferences and stage torch rallies before enforcing the bandh. Continue reading

Nepal: Disqualified PLA combatants impose Far-west bandh

Fourmonths ago, on August 8, 2011--Police arrest former People's Liberation Army Maoist combatants who were disqualified by the United Nations Mission in Nepal in 2007 as they chant slogans against the government in Katmandu, Nepal

December 30, 2011, Himalayan Times

BELAURI: The disqualified People’s Liberation Army(PLA) combatants have enforced Far-western region bandh on Thursday putting forth several demands.

The Maoist ex-combatants had warned of stir and agitations expressing dissatisfaction that the state has dragged them out of the cantonments labeling ‘disqualified’ in an indecent and discriminatory manner.

At a press conference, Bharat Rokaya, central secretary of Disqualified People’s Liberation Army was heard saying, “The party used us for ten years to fight in the people’s war and now it has left us in the lurch.”

They have launched general strike putting forward various demands such as the removal of tag of ‘disqualified’ labeled to describe them, their proper management, disclosure of fund that came from the United Nations (UN) in the name of combatants, among others.


Ex-PLA’s bandh hits Kailali


DHANGADHI: Normal life of Kailali district has been hit hard on Thursday due to the Bandh called by ex-PLA combatants of the UCPN-Maoist, who are on agitation demanding implementation of past agreements made with the government.

All educational institutions, transport services and business sectors have been completely shut down from the bandh.

Ex- PLA Combatants said that they have been on agitation to implement the agreement made with the government saying they have been displaced from the society in the name of rehabilitation.

They further said that no progress have been done as per the four-point agreement such as removal of the tag of ‘disqualified’ labeled to describe them, their proper management and to provide lump some economic package.

About 272 combatants were disqualified while carrying out their verification at seven division offices of Maoist Army at Talbandi of Kailali district.


Nepal: PLA members who have been disqualified plan new campaign of struggle

Nepal News:  Disqualified PLA combatants announce nationwide protest programmes

The disqualified combatants of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (UCPN-M) on December 18 announced nationwide protest programmes putting forth four-point demands including the cancellation of their disqualified recognition, reports Nepal News. Organising a press conference in Kathmandu Central Struggle Committee of the Disqualified People’s Liberation Army (PLA) combatants announced that they will take out protest rally in Dhangadi on December 23, Nepalgunj on 25, Itahari on 27 and Hetauda on 28. They also plan to enforce bandh (general strike) in all the development regions on different dates to be followed by Nepal bandh on January 4. The then United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) had disqualified 4,008 combatants, including 2,973 minors during the verification…..


Disqualified PLA warn of stir



DHANGADHI: Disqualified PLA combatants today announced their agitation saying the government had failed to do anything for them at a press conference in Dhangadhi, where they informed about their demonstration in Dhangadhi on December 23 and a Far-west bandh on December 29.

Speaking at a press conference, Bharat Rokaya, central secretary of Disqualified People’s Liberation Army said, “The party used us for ten years to fight in the people’s war and now it has left us in the lurch.”

“Even our own party is oblivious to our condition,” lamented another former combatant Prem BK, urging the party and government to take initiatives for their honourable rehabilitation or face more intense agitation. Continue reading

Nepal: Maoist student leader announces new revolutionary party initiative

Ex chair of ANNFSU-R announces to quit Maoist party

  The Himalayan Times, 2011-12-19
“One in the party can buy helicopter while the other(s) even cannot afford to pay the bus fare also””

KATHMANDU: Lekhanath Neupane, the former chairman of UCPN-Maoist’s student wing All Nepal Independent Student Union–Revolutionary , said in Biratnagar on Monday that he will quit the Maoist party soon to set up a new communist party with its own army.

The Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS) reported that the former student leader said he is leaving the Maoist party as it is on the verge of downfall because of the leaders who he accused of being brokers of foreigners.

Neupane crticised Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal for failing to maintain the UCPN-Maoist as a party. He expressed his frustration with the leadership saying he would not join the party had he known that “broker attitude” ruled a communist party.

Speaking at a press conference organised in Bargachhi of Biratnagar, Neupane argued that there is a need for new communist party as “one in the party can buy helicopter while the other(s) even cannot afford to pay the bus fare also.”

He came down heavily upon the party chairman, and claimed that preparations are being made to set up a new party and build up its army as Dahal surrendered the People’s Liberation Army.

Nepal: Revolutionary Maoist Badal: ‘those who dissolved the PLA will be demised soon’ — ‘new PLA will be born’

We have Raised the Flag of Revolt- Ram BahadurThapa “Badal”

2 November, 2011, from site

Ram BahadurThapa “Badal”

Today is the historic day for all of us in course of fighting against imperialism and the expansionism. The moment we are holding a press-meet is a historic moment because we are going to express even our commitment but not only the opinion. The gathering here is the historic gathering that is centralized to fight against the expansionism, imperialism and their puppets. We are lined up here for resisting and fighting against puppets until our death. Certainly, the night of November 1 is the historic dark night. The dark night was marked as the cheerful night for the feudalists, imperialists and the expansionists and their puppets. However, on the other, the same night was marked as the night of suffering, worry and a curse for the family of the martyrs, wounded and the poor working class people. Therefore, we are present here with the volcano of the sufferings and a thundering voice within worry.

Certainly, the puppets of the imperialism and the expansionism broke the bottles of the whisky and put their fore heads on the feet of their masters and cheered with them that night. But, their happiness against the people and their dream of deception  will break into bubbles of water. Their feelings of peace will remain no longer. It is because we are gathering here to take raid over their mirage like happiness.

The night was the night when People’s Liberation Army (PLA) was shamelessly disarmed, cruelly disarmed and put into dust to surrender before the reaction. Therefore, it is the black night for the PLA soldiers, the working class and the freedom-loving people. This was misfortune! However, it has brought a hurricane with it. This misfortune has brought a bright future with it. The future of the working class will smash the momentary pleasure of imperialists and their puppets. Continue reading

Nepal: PLA commanders slam 7-point deal


SURKHET, Nov 4: The dispute within the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) regarding integration of combatants has forced its way into the cantonments, with Vice-commander of the Sixth Division of the People´s Liberation Army (PLA) Durga Bahadur Chaudhary organizing a press conference in Birendranagar Thursday to slam the party´s agreement with other political parties.

Chaudhary accused Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai, also a party vice-chairman, of dissolving the PLA to fulfil their personal ambitions.

At the press conference also attended by Constituent Assembly (CA) member Mangal BK, who is close to Vice-chairman Mohan Baidya, and other district level leaders, Chaudhary said, “This cannot be termed army integration; we have been forced into surrender.” He further argued,“It is not wise of some comrades to welcome the agreement without proper study”. Continue reading

Nepal: Maoists determined to defeat betrayal of Prachanda and Bhattarai, complete revolution

People burning 7-point agreement after a rally was concluded that was started from National Conference Hall in the Exhibition Road to Shanti Batika, at Ratnapark in Kathmandu.

Streets are being occupied day by day demanding to cancel the anti-people agreements like 7-point agreement committed behind the black curtains.

‘No Surrender’: Kiran and Badal

REDSTAR, November 2, 2011,

Kathmandu, November 2: The revolutionary faction of UCPN-Maoist has publicized an authentic voice for the protection of the revolution. After Prachanda and Baburam factions agreed to hand over the total achievements of the People’s War, com. Kiran and com. Badal have clearly put forwarded their voice in a press-meet held in Kathmandu today.

In the National conference Hall packed up with journalists, intellectuals and the cadres, Senior-most Vice-chairman Com. Kiran clarified all the questions that were asked from the ground. He said, “The People’s Liberation Army (PLA); which has played a significant role in the political change of the nation, has been disarmed, dishonored and dispersed through the 7-point agreement signed at the night of November 1.” Flashing over the contribution of PLA and the people, com. Kiran said, “Just before the meeting of the central committee, party chairman has signed the agreement at mid-night. He has made a serious mistake by doing so. We are going to advise him to withdraw it, correct it in the central committee meting that is going to be held tomorrow. Along with it, we have said other political parties to correct this mistake too.”

Comrade Kiran

Com. Kiran publicly accepted the bitter reality that party is going to be degraded day by day. He added that party should be ideology, dream and people as well as the nation. Nation and the people are dearer than any party.

In the press-meet, General Secretary of the party com. Badal exposed all the intrigues and he strongly opposed anti-people and anti-nation plots by saying that their misdeeds will be put into dust. He said, “Today is the historic day for all of us in course of fighting against imperialism and the expansionism. The moment we are holding a press-meet is a historic moment because we are going to express our commitment but not only the opinion. The gathering here is the historic gathering that is centralized to fight against the expansionism, imperialism and their puppets. We are lined here for resisting and fighting against puppets until our death.” Continue reading

Nepal: A Sea of Torches that Refuse Surrender

By Eric Ribellarsi (photos and video by Eric Ribellarsi and Peter Tobin), Winter Has Its End

Last night, Kathmandu and cities throughout the entire country were rocked by militant torch demonstrations. We watched as literally thousands and thousands of demonstrators challenged the decision of Nepal’s Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai to disarm the People’s Liberation Army and the complicity of the Maoist party’s chairman, Prachanda, in this act.

The crowd was mostly young, and the feel was one of both anger and excitement. One young Maoist said to me “finally, we are standing up.” People were not at all demoralized. They were (and are) ready to fight to save their revolution.

Following these demonstrations, Biplab, a leader of the Maoist party who has opposed the disarming and argued for revolution, has launched a mass campaign throughout the country to build opposition for to the moves of Prachanda and Bhattarai within the Maoist party. We have learned that this campaign will include mass rallies and educational forums, the mass production of polemical pamphlets, and a new graffiti campaign.

Arrests and beatings at Nepal protests against disarming revolutionary fighters

The Next Front

Joint Press Statement by Comrade Kiran and Comrade Badal

Let us oppose the decision of handing over the keys!

Let us implement the decision of dignified army integration!

The abrupt step taken at 5 pm on September 1 to hand over the keys of containers of the weapons in the cantonments to the special committee under the Council of Ministers is against the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, Interim Constitution and the decisions of the party’s central committee and standing committee. We, therefore, strongly demand that the concerned sectors immediately abrogate this decision.

So far as the responsibility of concluding the peace process is concerned, we are committed to accomplishing the part of our party’s responsibility. Army integration is an important aspect of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).  In connection with accomplishing this responsibility, party central committee and standing committee have adopted the policy of integration of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) with weapons and in group even if a mixed structure is to be created and developing this structure as an armed force. The issue concerning its chain of command is also under discussion. The party’s decision is clear that task of integration and regrouping for rehabilitation should be done only after the issue concerning the modality of integration was settled. The handing over the keys of containers of weapons is a step under the concept of disarming the PLA. The ‘Army Integration’ has been clearly incorporated in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and the Interim Constitution.  Both the CPA and the Interim Constitution have not stated anywhere the concept of individual recruitment of the PLA members as civilian citizens by disarming them. The handing over the keys of weapon containers is a process of disarming the PLA members. We can never agree on this issue on ideological ground. Continue reading