About FRS

Promoting internationalist education and activism

FRS is an internationalist, US-based information and news website. We post material from the front lines of revolutionary struggle worldwide. We especially try to gather information about arenas of revolutionary struggle that are blocked or distorted by the bourgeois media and often unknown or misunderstood even by progressive people.

We want to support internationalist education in the U.S. and generate wide ranging discussion, debate and political activism. We do not aim to represent the struggles we report on but to bring them into public view.

We encourage your comments on particular articles on the site. Please send us your feedback and suggestions for postings to: revolutionaryfrontlines@gmail.com.

One thought on “About FRS

  1. Hello,
    I just read an article on Native Americans on the U.S. reservations who are oppressed & ignored.
    I would like to spread the messege on Twitter & Facebook & I would like to wear T-shirts that have the messege.
    How can I help. I’m not rich but I want to help. I’m African American & as my one teacher told the class the only other race worse of than African Americans are Native Americans.

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