New People’s Army Wipes Out Army Unit in Mt. Province, Philippines

10 July 2010

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today congratulated the New People’s Army (NPA) for its successful ambush shortly before noon yesterday on an elite team of the Philippine Army’s 52nd Division Reconnaissance Company in Sitio Chawer, Samoki, Bontoc, Mt. Province.

The entire seven-man contigent of the 501st Brigade, including its team leader 1Lt. Lito Punio was wiped out. The NPA seized two M203 grenade launchers, four M16 Armalites and other war materiél.

“The Filipino people celebrate the exemplary victory of the NPA in Bontoc yesterday,” said the CPP. “With revolutionary dedication and the solid support of the people, the NPA Red fighters put to use their mastery of guerrilla tactics in wiping out the supposedly elite government military unit and seize all its weapons.”

“The heavily armed fascist unit was ambushed close to the 501st Brigade tactical command base where it came from and was on its way to support troops of the 5th Infantry Division engaged in combat operations against the NPA in the Cordillera Mining concession area that they are protecting against the interests and resistance of the people. That the people’s army successfully ambushed the enemy contingent close to the tactical command base of its battlefield operations only shows how confident the NPA unit was with its tactical superiority and support of the people.”

“That this military unit was supposed to participate in a medical mission is the usual desperate propaganda ploy of AFP psywar agents to cover up their defeat,” said the CPP. 

The CPP added that “The victorious attack against the AFP’s fascist forces in Bontoc is a slap on the face of newly installed AFP Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Ricardo David who prated that the AFP will be able to wipe out the NPA within three years.”

“The Aquino regime is trying to redecorate its counterrevolutionary campaign to inveigle the people and suppress the people’s resistance. It cannot, however, change the fact that the fascist war it is waging in defense of the rotten and bankrupt system is doomed to fail.”

“In the coming years, the revolutionary forces will be launching more tactical offensive against the fascist forces of the puppet reactionary state as the people more vigorously and intensely advance their democratic and patriotic struggle,” added the CPP.

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