International Movement to Stop Israel’s Apartheid Wall Grows

The apartheid wall is being built on thousands of square miles of Palestinian land, and is incorporating many Zionist settlements built on stolen land into Israel

Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign

Stop the Wall:
 Make Apartheid History!

Eight years into the construction of the Apartheid Wall, over 60% has already been built to ghettoize communities, threatening over 260,000 people with displacement and stealing land and water resources.

The international community continues to ignore the 2004 decision of the International Court of Justice, which calls for the Wall to be dismantled and for the international community to fulfil its legal obligations: to enforce Israeli compliance with international humanitarian law and not to aid and abet the construction and maintenance of the Wall.

The Palestinian grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign is more than ever determined to smash down the 12-meter concrete blocks of the Wall.

We will not let the Wall define the limits of our Bantustans and our future! We call on you to mobilize in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle against the Wall:

Join the 8th Week against the Apartheid Wall, November 9-16 2010!

The Palestinian popular resistance has grown incredibly in the past year. More and more villages have joined weekly action. Al-Ma’sara, al-Walajeh, Wadi Rahal, Beit Jala, Bil’in, Ni’lin, Nabi Saleh, Awarta, , Iraq Burin, Burin, Beit Rima and many other communities all across the West Bank are mobilizing against the Wall and the settlements. Continue reading

An Artist’s Pledge To Boycott Apartheid Israel

Irish poet Dave Lordan joined the cultural boycott of Israel

By Dave Lordan

28 August, 2010

The Electronic Intifada

I am proud to be among the many Irish and Ireland-based artists from across creative disciplines who have chosen to publicly support the growing campaign of boycott against apartheid Israel. Compared to the imprisoned Palestinian people themselves and to those taking part in flotillas and other perilous anti-apartheid activities in Palestine our contribution and risk may be justly considered small. At most we might lose the chance of lucrative invitations to read, perform or display our works in parts of the US where apartheid Israel’s supporters hold the power of censorship. Departments of foreign affairs and ministries of culture may also not include us among those artists they can rely upon to project a lying image of a harmonious, bon vivant and, above all, harmlessly apolitical intelligentsia. We are sure to be slandered and ridiculed by the hired bullies of the global media empires.

These are tiny punishments indeed compared to the instant annihilation that Israel with its snipers and bombers and jet planes and tanks has visited on a daily basis upon Palestinian men, women and children for the last 62 years. The threat we come under for speaking out at a safe distance is nothing beside the threat apartheid Israel holds constant over every urban civilian in the Middle East with its 200-bomb-strong nuclear arsenal. Besides, to be ostracized and blacklisted by these last remaining friends of apartheid Israel, the gangster governments of west and east and their spies and ideological enablers, is to be reminded of the phrase of that great political artist William Blake, who tells us to “Listen to the fool’s reproach — it is a kingly title.” Continue reading

“Boycott Israel” News: West Bank Boycott Campaign Impacting Settlement Economy

By The Electronic Intifada

19 August 2010

The Electronic Intifada

Grassroots Palestinian boycott campaigns across the occupied West Bank to take Israeli settlement products off the shelves of local stores have made an impact on the Israeli settlement economy, to the unease of the Israeli government, noted the Israeli daily Haaretz this week (“Palestinians ‘adamant about continuing boycott on settlement goods’,” 8 August 2010).

From the tightly-packed communities in refugee camps, to the sprawling urban areas in major cities, to the rural countryside, Palestinians have galvanized around campaigns to promote locally-made products and locally-harvested food instead of a myriad of items made in illegal settlement colonies on occupied Palestinian land in the West Bank. Continue reading

India Chapter of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel!

[A very significant act of internationalist solidarity! Endorsed by many scholars, including Upendra Baxi, Arundhati Roy, Praful Bidwai.-ed.]

The Israeli Apartheid Wall


Both the academia and the arts are profoundly rooted in the values of democracy, equality and justice, and the pursuit of excellence in both these fields has meaning only if it is imbued with conscience. As Indian academics, intellectuals and artists in the decolonised world, we have historically played a crucial role in the liberation of our peoples, and to this day continue to lend our voices in support to all those who are struggling to be rid of the yoke of colonialism and foreign domination.

In a reality in which the Israeli state daily tramples on the academic freedom and cultural life of the Palestinian people, a continued association with the instruments of such a state is unconscionable. When Palestinian students and teachers are not allowed to reach their universities because of permit laws and checkpoints, universities and schools are levelled by bombs and tanks, food, textbooks, and medical supplies are prohibited from entering Gaza, and artistic events are closed down in Jerusalem, none of the foundational principles on which academic and cultural contact are based can ever be fulfilled.

In response to the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel we have come together to form the India Chapter of this international movement. Just as it was in the case of the international call against South Africa in the apartheid years, we are confident that this boycott will be effective in contributing to international pressure on Israel to abandon its oppression and expulsion of the indigenous population based on military aggression, legal discrimination and persecution and economic stranglehold. Continue reading

Swedish Dockworkers in Gothenburg: Nation-wide harbor blockade of goods to/from Israel is under way

(After the historic Oakland blockade for 24 hours of an Israeli ship, Swedish dockworkers are making history! Not since the struggle against apartheid South Africa has ANY dockworkers union taken such a courageous and huge step to boycott loading and offloading cargo to and from Israel for a whole week.-ed)


Press release from The Swedish Dockworkers Union, section 4, Gothenburg



kl. 01.47

The nation-wide blockade of all goods to and from Israel is under way
– Tens of containers were put under blockade tonight.


By midnight at 00:00 on the 23rd June the Swedish Dock-workers union
week-long blockade of goods to and from Israel started. The ongoing
nation-wide blockade in Swedish harbors, that is based on the request
of the united Palestinian union-movement, is The Swedish Dockworkers
Union’s attempt to contribute to pressure Israel into:
1. Lifting the blockade on Gaza
2. Allowing an independent, international investigation of what
happened at the Israeli boarding of the so called Freedom Flottilla
when nine people were shot to death. Continue reading

Norwegian Port Union Boycotts Israeli Ships

Responding to calls by the Palestinian Workers Union and other calls by different workers unions and organizations around the world, the Norwegian Ports Union decided to join its Swedish counterpart in boycotting all Israeli ships starting on June 15.

The workers will not be loading or unloading Israeli ships docking in their ports.
The decision came coherent with the stances of ports workers, while polls in Norway revealed that nearly half of the Norwegians support this act.

The Port Workers Union in Norway said that the boycott would be for two weeks, while the Swedish boycott would continue until June 24.

The Palestinian Workers Union voiced appeals to Arab, regional and international workers union to take serious stances against the Israeli violations, and its deadly attack against the Freedom Flotilla leading to dozens of casualties among nonviolent international activists transporting aid supplies to the besieged Gaza Strip.

Furthermore, workers unions in South Africa, which is an affiliate with the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), also joined the calls for boycotting Israel but, so far, did not declare an actual boycott of Israel.

Workers Unions in Palestine welcomed the stances of Norwegian, Swedish, Greek, British, Canadian and South African unions in rejection and denouncing the Israeli attack against the Palestinians and the activists, and the ongoing illegal Israeli siege on Gaza.


Join the Labor and Community Picket of an Israeli Zim Lines Ship — Oakland, California


An Israeli ZIM lines ship

Sunday, June 20 5:30 A.M (morning)

Port of Oakland,Berth 57, Middle Harbor Rd.


Protest Israel’s Attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla!

Boycott Israeli Ships and Goods!

Lift the Blockade NOW – Let Gaza Live!

Bring Down Israel’s Apartheid Wall!


Unions, labor federations and other organizations around the world have condemned Israel’s deadly attack against the Gaza Freedom Flotilla on May 31, 2010. Nine people were killed and dozens seriously injured in the Israeli commando attack in international waters on ships attempting to bring humanitarian cargo to the suffering and blockaded people of Gaza. Six people aboard the ships are still missing and presumed dead. Continue reading

Swedish dockworkers set to boycott Israeli ships and goods after Gaza flotilla attack

Growing worldwide boycotts of Israeli goods and Israel's corporate supporters and investors are being joined by Swedish dockworkers

STOCKHOLM — Swedish dockworkers are set to launch a week-long boycott of Israeli ships and goods to protest Monday’s raid on a Gaza-destined aid flotilla, a union spokesman said Saturday.

Nine activists died after Israeli troops intercepted the convoy. Nearly 700 activists had joined that operation, most of them aboard the lead boat from Turkey that was the scene of the violence.

Peter Annerback, a spokesman for the Swedish Port Workers Union which has around 1,500 members, said workers are urged to refuse handling of Israeli goods and ships during the June 15-24 boycott. Continue reading