US, UK and French imperialist powers raised, fed and armed the reactionary groups such as Al Nusra Front and ISIS in order that they would fight the Assad regime on their behalf. Only when they realised that these groups are not capable of overthrowing the Assad regime, they began to distance themselves from them until their interests in Iraq were threatened. Now they wish to be seen as standing against ISIS.

US imperialism created al-Qaeda to fight the Russians in Afghanistan, but then when al-Qaeda started contradicting with US interests, they turned on them. Following the capture of Mosul by ISIS, having realised that their imperialist dominance is threatened by ISIS they have now, through NATO, started an international coalition against ISIS.

The only reason why the Turkish state did not want to be part of the international coalition is because of its close relations with ISIS. The whole world should know that the resolution passed on October 2, 2014 by the Turkish Grand National Assembly, is not against ISIS. This official resolution that allows Turkish soldiers to be sent to Syria and Iraq is in fact directed against the Kurdish people in Kobani and Rojava (section of Kurdish homeland in Syria) who declared autonomy in the region. This official resolution allows Turkish state to set up a buffer zone on the border of Syria and declare a no-fly zone. The resolution further emphasises that in Syria, the PKK poses a serious threat, clearly revealing the main purpose of the resolution and the intentions of the Turkish state.

Fascist Turkish state has been encouraging ISIS led attacks on Rojava since 2011. They have supported and strengthened ISIS by arming and feeding them. Since it began its most brutal attack on Kobani, Turkish state has increased its support for ISIS. Officials are confirming that injured ISIS combatants are taken and treated in hospitals in Adana and Gaziantep. Turkish state opened its borders to ISIS so that its forces can get in and out of the country with ease. This was shown many times on television in live broadcasts in Turkey. The Turkish state is the godfather of ISIS.

The Turkish State has continually attacked Kurdish people trying to help the people of Kobani surrounded and threatened by ISIS. Especially in Suruc, where many Kurdish people have been gathering for days, the Turkish army has launched attacks against peoples gatherings using tear gas and live ammunition in order to stop any aid reaching Kobani.

On one hand Turkish State is announcing that they are in peace talks with the PKK, but on the other hand at every opportunity they declare it as their enemy and attack the PKK. The Turkish state is two-faced and continues to regard the Kurdish people as their enemies.

Kobani people are not alone. They do not need the help of imperialist powers. They do not need weapons from the imperialists. The YPG (“Yekîneyên Parastina Gel” – Peoples Protection units) and YPJ (special women’s units of the YPG) fighters are showing a heroic resistance. Their strength is derived from the solid support and resources provided by their people and their comrades.

We call on all freedom loving people everywhere to support and extend solidarity with the peoples’ resistance against ISIS in Kobani. Let us join in support of the people in Kobani and not leave them alone. The heavy weapons and armaments in the hands of the murderous ISIS gangs, mean nothing against the heroic resistance fighters in Kobani. The Kurdish people’s resolute and heroic resistance will transform Kobani into the graveyard of the ISIS. The fascist state in Turkey cannot prevent this.

TKP/ML – International Bureau

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