Brazil: Poor Peasants League Honors Revolutionary Martyr Renato as Land Struggle Advances

Vibrant Rally in honor of Renato and against the criminalization of land struggle

WrLCP1itten by LCP Rondônia and Western Amazon, Published on 10/04/2013

On April 9, Jaru was shaken by a vibrant rally and demonstration in honor of the companion Renato and denunciation of his barbaric murder a year ago. The action was also taken in support of new land seizures in the region of Jaru and new campaign against criminalization of the struggle for land, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Ênedy, the 7th Battalion of the PM.

The ceremony and demonstration were attended by about 300 people from the four corners of Rondônia, most poor farmers, campers on the land conquered by the Agrarian Revolution. Attended areas: Canaan, the Sun Ray and Renato Nathan 2, Lamarca, Spring and Palmares – Ariquemes, Jaru and Theobroma; Jacinópolis – the region of Buritis; Bentão Zé Renato and Nathan – the region Corumbiara. And yet, the new camps Theobroma: Fortaleza, Bom Futuro, Zé Porphyry farm and camp Arizona 2.

LCP2The action was sponsored by Cebraspo – Brazilian Center of Solidarity with the Peoples, the Poor Peasants League of Rondônia and western Amazonia, and the National Leagues of Poor Peasants. Also participating were students, teachers, lawyers, workers, representatives of various democratic movements and entities of Jaru, Rolim de Moura, Porto Velho, Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro:, IHG – Human Rights Institute Helena Grecco, CPT – Pastoral Land Commission Rondônia, DCE Merge – Central Directory of Students of the Federal University of Rondonia, MEPR – Popular Revolutionary Student Movement, Workers League, Sledgehammer – Workers Union of Construction, Moclate – Classista Movement of Workers Education, Catholic Church of Jaru.

The interventions of the peasants and representatives of organizations and movements saluted the memory of the great leader Renato, a peasant who lived, worked and fought among peasants in Corumbiara, Machadinho D’Oeste, Jacinópolis and Jaru. Wherever he went, there was only talk:

– When I was sick, Renato knocked on my door to help me.

– I had so much work, every afternoon the fellow came to my house and was chopping wood for me.

– This bridge and this road was Renato’s idea, so we organized and built on our strengths.

– If not for the Teacher, we would not have this school.

Renato encouraged the people to fight for their rights, not to have illusions about electoral candidates and the “authorities” of governments, relying only on the strength of our organization and militant struggle. Therefore Renato was murdered.

On the eve of the mass rally, on the 8th of April, a committee with representatives from CPT and Cebraspo of Jaru and Porto Velho met with the police chief Lucas Torres in Buritis. He could not explain or justify the various offenses committed by the police in the case of Renato, and in the failure of police to investigate. The police chief Lucas Torres confirmed that all charges against Renato had no proof, were based on hearsay, none were confirmed, and are slurs expressing the class position of the old state, which is: to fulfill orders of landlordism, the big bourgeoisie and imperialism; spread lies that the oppressed poor people commit the most barbaric violence; and accuse people of violence when they rebel. The meeting with Lucas Torres only proved that the murder of Comrade Renato was a state crime against the people in struggle. Just as military armed forces tortured, disappeared and eliminated democratic fighters. Today, we live in a dictatorship same as yesterday, with the difference that it now bears the name of democracy.

The murder of Renato is a milestone. The people need to broaden and deepen the campaign for the punishment of his killers. Otherwise, it will grow even more violence against peasants in struggle.

The people want land, not repression

LCP4The assembly also denounced the criminalization of the struggle for land. Recently, the PT government of Lula / Dilma announced that it will cut more estates, will re-take lots of abandoned settlements and distribute. This, despite if someone in the peasant’s family got sick, or the peasant has no road, or no machinery—nonetheless, the peasant’s hard work has no value, and will be in default on the loans.

Another measure is that Dilma will only receive a lot of peasant families who are enrolled in some type program “Bolsa alms” or “Fomiséria.” That’s how the old state treats the peasants as landless, destitute, worthy only of charity. No! The farmer’s work is honored, is abundant, they are producing 80% of the Brazilian table food. They do not want crumbs, they want all their rights. Overall, this policy is fascist, a new version of the Colonels, who leave the people dependent, to only be given votes instead of power.

It is urgent to broaden the defense of the land taken from the landowners.

And those who do not beg the patron Lula / Dilma / PT for land, are attacked as bandits. All the new camps were evicted by the police, with much violence and irregularities. Cops are attacking all on the roads, creating a climate of terror, demanding if the person belongs to the LCP, as if it were a crime to organize and fight for rights. Farmers complained that the police beat a young man, a gentleman, even in front of children.

Recently, the population of rural municipalities in the region of several Jaru reported on radio that the police are chasing and being aggressive about driver’s licenses, tax documents and “illegally” carrying children on bike, crossing roads “irregularly.” The extortionate taxes of “governments” push people into illegality.

The military occupation of Jacinópolis is another example of the policy of state terror against poor people.

Farmers who already have their plots regulated denounced the persecution of “governments”: the farmer now has to take GTA (Animal Guide Transport) to carry up pork and chicken, all that the farmer sells, have to take note, to pay more taxes . This is unlike landowners who export meat and soybeans, and the government releases, and they do not pay a penny of tax. Now, the grocery stores in rural areas can no longer sell gas cylinders, the peasant can not carry on the bike, in the car or on the bus. But as the farmer will get firewood, how to cook? A resident of Canaan said indignantly:

– I’ll trade places with a donkey pulling my wagon, because that is how the government treats the peasant prohibits working dogs, enslaves!

One people, same enemies

In the assembly, was also denounced the situation of workers of the PAC, using the taxes extorted from the people, as the plants Jirau and Santo Antonio in Porto Velho. The contractors flout all kinds of labor rights, social and human rights and the state and federal governments still send their police to humiliate and repress. There are reports of arbitrary arrests and even torture and disappearances. Also talked about was the importance of building and developing the worker-peasant alliance and union with students, teachers and all working people of town and country, primarily in support of the Agrarian Revolution, already underway in our country and the first stage of the Revolution New Democracy. Know and follow the examples of the people of Peru, Turkey, Philippines and India in waging the People’s War.

April 9: National Day of the martyrs of the struggle for land

This was a recent decision of the National Leagues of Poor Peasants, approved at a meeting with representatives of Leagues across the country. This date is a tribute to the great leader Renato Nathan and all the other fallen leaders and peasants in the sacred struggle for land.

At the time, there was a special tribute to conrades Dona Alzira and Tonho Day. Both Dona Alzira Dias as Tonho fought in the Battle of Santa Elina, suffered the atrocities of police and gunmen at the behest of landlordism. Both died from disease, aggravated by the Massacre, as Alfredo and his other victims who died without receiving compensation, committed by the government. This money could be used for health treatments appropriate, since we can not count on the SUS. Dona Alzira Dias, Tonho, still had plenty of life ahead, but like Renato and all martyrs of the fight, they all remain alive in our memories, our hearts and struggles that continue.

Families who recently seized land, and companion Renato, were also honored in speech, music and poetry.

It is with great honor that we are still holding the flag that these brave fellows wielded for so many years. That their example will continue illuminating our way through the tough fight.

Organization, combativeness and massiveness: LCP brands

Several people, who had never participated in an activity of LCP, commented that the assembly was very organized with the active participation of many farmers and was very combative. This is the result of hard work of building and collective organization. There were several preparatory meetings where it was discussed the objectives and importance of the act and held up various committees to divide the tasks: convening committee, structure, transport, culture and honors, power, collection, cleaning , distribution of pamphlets, in the manifestation of unrest and security. Early in the event a special thanks was given to everyone who contributed to the realization of this event, since they spent whole days, even those who have donated $ 7. All help is very welcome.

Vibrant manifestation: the brave peasants of Rondônia not bow their heads

After the ceremony, participants went on march through the streets of Jaru. Protesters carried banners and tight frames with pictures of martyrs of the Agrarian Revolution, waving red flags, sang songs of struggle and slogans. A committee of children and women distributing the Bulletin of the LCP to the city’s population. Torches alerted everyone that a manifestation of the League was happening.

It was a manifestation of determination and fury, not at all like the terror that the old state commits against the people. We know that our fight is fair and take you to the end.

The rally ended with the singing of “The International”, a hymn of workers worldwide.

Finally, a teacher who left the scene of the event was threatened by a police officer in a squad car. He stopped beside the car and the teacher with his finger poised said:

– Halt!

All hatred and violence is bothered because we are an important movement, strong, organized, uniting the most important fight of our day that attracts the support of more democratic sectors of the country and the world. To rebel is right! Landowners, their managers in government and injustice, their agents in the media, and his hired dogs–gunmen and police–arrest and assassinate our leaders to frighten the peasants, demonize our fight, persecute the poor people. But no, we will never bow down. We are honored that peasants together with workers, students, teachers, small and medium traders, will carry this country forward. Everything we have achieved is the result of our sweat, our work and our struggle. Increasing our organization and militant struggle in the path of the Agrarian Revolution, we will succeed.

Gentlemen landlords, you have lost your time!

LCP – Poor Peasants League of Rondônia and Western Amazon

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