[The struggling people of Greece are marking new levels of resistance, and the struggle involves sharp debates over the direction to take: whether to get the struggle off the streets and fold the resistance  into appeals to reform or to electorally renew the system, or to rely on the people to broaden and sharpen their popular resistance.  This statement from the Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist) outlines the contending views.– Frontlines ed.]


The general strike of June 15, the great militant demonstrations in Athens, in Thessaloniki and all other big cities, and the continuing gathering of thousands of working people, youth, unemployed and other citizens in Syntagma Square and other squares, are the new culmination of the struggle of the Greek people who, for a year now, fight against the barbarous policy of the Memorandum that the IMF, the EU along with the Papandreou government have imposed on them.

These hours and days the workers and the Greek youth fight a glorious battle against the savage anti-popular measures. They fight a battle against the sell-out of public property and the occupation of our country by the imperialists and the predators of the foreign multinationals. They fight against policies that create millions of unemployed and poor. They coordinate their fight with the struggles of the European and Arab people who demand social justice and freedom. They demand the ousting of the IMF and the European Union.

The PASOK government of Papandreou, but also the other parties – the New Democracy Party and the fascist LAOS Party – that are servants of the local big capital and the imperialists, try to find ways to disorient this great popular mobilization. They plan elections, coalition government and make political maneuvers in order to defuse this popular rage. The reformist left – KKE (CPG) and SYRISA – participate energetically in these plans.  They ask for elections instead of supporting the expansion of the popular resistance, the strikes and the demonstrations.

The Communist Party of Greece (marxist – leninist), participating actively in the popular movement of resistance, salutes the struggling Greek people who take to the streets and the squares. We call for a general popular revolt. We condemn the police attacks and the special anti-riot forces with tear gas and arrests against the people. We call all the progressive and revolutionary forces in the world to proceed with solidarity actions to the Greek people who fight against the IMF, the European Union, and against the capitalist government, the bankers and the international shylocks. The victory of the Greek working people and the youth will be the victory of all people and the working class that fight against the barbarous capitalism and imperialism.

Athens 16-6-11

Communist Party of Greece (marxist – leninist)

International Bureau

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