Bangladesh Maoists Express Solidarity with CPI(Maoist)

Statement of PBSP (MUG) [Proletarian Party of East Bengal-Maoist Unity Group] condemning the murder of Com. Azad and Com. Hem Pandey by the Indian state

We are deeply shocked at the news of murder of comrade Azad along with com. Hem Pandey by the Indian expansionist state. We express our anger and hatred against this monster that is not only killing Indian revolutionaries and masses but also Bangladeshi people in the border.

They must be punished for their crime!

Indian Maoists are our big inspiration who stood up in resistance when leaders of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) surrendered to imperialism.

Indian regime is that coward who tells lies and make false stories to hide their crime. So do their Bangladeshi junior partner. They don’t have the courage to say the truth.

Comrade Azad is a glorious son of India. We express our best sympathy to the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and the families of martyred comrades.

We need a direct coordination with Communist Party of India (Maoist).

We want a joint fight against the Indian and Bangladeshi state.

Long live Indian revolution!

Long live Bangladeshi revolution!

Polas, on behalf of the provisional leading body of the Maoist Unity Group of the

Proletarian Party of East Bengal, PBSP (MUG)/Bangladesh

Date: August 1, 2010

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