Guam: Chamorro Nation Protests US Military Buildup

by Clynt Ridgell

Wednesday, 04 August 2010

Guam - Members of I Nacion Chamoru, or the Chamorro Nation, staged a peaceful demonstration at the ITC intersection Wednesday afternoon.

The Chamorro Nacion is opposed to the military buildup on Guam. Some of their members are for independence, while others are simply for a de-militarization of the island. Others still, are simply pushing for some form of self-determination. As a whole however, the group is in opposition to the buildup for a whole variety of reasons.

These reasons include the military’s plans to acquire additional lands outside of their current footprint and the plans to dredge coral in Apra harbor for an aircraft carrier wharf.

The Chamorro Nation is also concerned about the negative impacts of the population boost that will occur as a result of the buildup. Meanwhile, another organization, the “We Are Guahan Coalition”, will also be holding a peaceful protest at the ITC intersection on Friday.

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