Kuala Lumpur: Putting a nice face on state repression

[The Inspector General of Police in Kuala Lumpur is instructing cops that, no matter what they do, do it with a smiley face; put the iron fists in velvet gloves. — Frontlines ed.]

Be good to look good

KL: A more approachable police force
Wednesday, June 29th, 2011 10:50:00

INSPECTOR-GENERAL of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar was recently reported to have said good-looking police officers would be assigned to give the force a friendlier look.

We should be aware we are always communicating through our facial expressions, posture and gestures, without saying a word.

When talking to others, our visual appearance has greater impact than our tone of voice. Surprisingly, what words we use matter less than how we use them.

Therefore, it is essential to look good to others rather than to just be good-looking. Even those with good looks can appear uglier when angry. Continue reading