Nepal: Revolutionary Maoists’ document to the Central Committee, UCPN(M)

Here is the New Document by Com. Kiran

The Next Front,  January 2nd, 2012

( This is the Document by Comrade Mohan Baidhya ‘Kiran,” tabled on ongoing CC Meeting.  We all know, The Central Committee Meeting of UCPN( Maoist ) is going on. There is no need of comment on this document. But it is the matter to note that  Comrade  Kiran is still looking  for the ”revolutionary transformation ” of Prachada ! Thanks to Comrade Lamsal for this excellent translation. )

Kiran : On problems of the party and their resolution

1. Need for a new report:

Now, the class struggle is at a serious juncture and this class struggle has been reflected on our party’s two-line struggle. The history of Nepal’s new people’s democratic revolution and communist movement is at a new turning point.  We are in the grave type of labor pain. While, on the one hand, the conspiracy to liquidate the process of great people’s war initiated in 1996 into parliamentary quagmire is being consolidated; the revolutionary line, on the other, has emerged more effectively against this trend with a new commitment to give continuity to the Nepali new people’s democratic revolution.

In the history of Nepali people’s revolution and communist movement, a chapter has come to an end and a new chapter has begun. And this process is moving ahead. In order for us to carry forward and complete the task of Nepali revolution, a new historic necessity has emerged in the class struggle and two-line struggle of the party that requires us to face newer and more serious challenges. History has sought a clear-cut and straight answer from us whether to resolutely march forward facing and overcoming these challenges or to surrender before the reactionaries.

But our revolution continues. In this crucial period, the sacrifice and contribution and the stories of unprecedented courage and bravery of our great martyrs, disappeared and injured warriors and the people demonstrated in the entire Nepal’s revolution and great People’s War must be remembered with especial significance and due respect. The great ideals and dreams of people’s liberation and revolution are linked together as integral part of the fierce class struggle and two-line struggle in the party. And we can never forget these ideals and dreams.

The political report  entitled “Brief Political Report on Emerging Crisis: Their solution and Future Programmes”  presented by Chairman comrade Prachanda on December 24, 2011 in the central committee meeting has not recognized and acknowledged this complexity and reality of the class struggle and the two-line struggle. This has, hence, necessitated a separate political report. Continue reading

Nepal: Maoist dispute comes alive in play



BIRATNAGAR: The dispute among UCPN-Maoist senior leaders seems to have percolated into party’s cultural front as well.

The case in point is a row over a play to be staged in Biratnagar as part of a cultural show. Pushpa Kamal Dahal faction wants to scrap the play saying that it is intended to tarnish the image of party chairman while Mohan Baidhya and Baburam Bhattarai factions are hell-bent on staging the play.

Dahal panel is trying to stop the play named ‘Sapana ra Uniharuko, to be staged in Birendra Convention Hall this week by the UCPN-M’s Akhil Nepal Janasanskritk Federation. Continue reading

Nepal: On The Line Struggle for Revolution–an interview with Mohan Baidhya (Comrade Kiran)

Mohan Baidhya (Comrade Kiran)

[Frontlines received this interview from the Next Front (Nepal). — Frontlines ed.]

We will never let down the revolution : Kiran

(Mohan Baidhya, popularly known as Comrade Kiran, is the senior vice chairman of ‘Unified ’ Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) . He has been contributing relentlessly for almost four decades as a professional revolutionary in developing the Maoist movement in Nepal. Since his early political life, he resolutely fought against revisionism, neo-revisionism, and all sorts of deviations within and outside of the Party. He is known as a revolutionary leader, a beloved leader of the oppressed Nepalese people and an outstanding leader of the international proletariat. The Indian expansionist ruling class   put Comrade Kiran, in an Indian jail more than two years.

Here is the fresh interview given by Comrade ‘Kiran’ to the ‘The Next Front’. We all know, these days a fierce two line struggle is taking place within the Maoist movement in Nepal. This interview has focused on many burning issues running within UCPN–Maoist. )

Question: When is your central committee is going to meet? What was the reason for the delay of the central committee meeting?

Kiran: It would probably be convened soon. The delay was for homework.

Question: Has the issue related to army integration been finalized? It is said that you have also abandoned the earlier stance on army integration. What is the reality?

Kiran: The issue concerning the army integration has not been finalized. On this issue, we had registered our ‘note of dissent’ against the decision taken by majority in the meeting of the Standing Committee of the party. Similarly, we have differences on the decision taken by majority in the party’s central office. We have not given up our position and stance and our position is consistent.

Question: The focal point of the two-line struggle should have basically been on strategic goal. Instead, given its nature, this seems to have been muddled up in the tactical questions and issues. Does it not weaken the struggle to be launched for achieving the main goal?

Kiran: The two-line struggle has basically been concentrated on strategic goal. On this issue, our dissenting opinions have been registered. These dissenting views are based on the issues concerning the use of terminology like ‘Mao Thought’ instead of ‘Maoism’; objection to some key peace accords signed in the past; and issues related to the implementation of people’s federal republic and insurrection. In addition, we have dissenting views on some other issues like the ones concerning the army integration and constitution. All these issues are of strategic importance. The disagreement on these issues cannot be called as mere ‘differences on tactics’. Some of the differences on tactics are also related to strategy. Continue reading

Nepal: Maoist Party factions negotiating terms to meet together

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

UCPN (Maoist) struggles to resume Central Committee meeting


KATHMANDU, June 28: As factionalism and disputes over the tactical line deepen the internal crisis in the party, Chairman of the UCPN (Maoist) Pushpa Kamal Dahal struggles to maintain his hold on the party and call a meeting of the Standing Committee, prior to resuming the Central Committee (CC) meeting that was postponed on Monday for three days.

According to sources, the Maoist chairman held rounds of meetings with Senior Vice-chairman Mohan Baidya who leads the party´s hard-line faction, and Dr Baburam Bhattarai who leads the moderates, but to no avail.

At one of the meetings of the party top leaders, another Vice-chairman Narayankaji Shrestha proposed Bhattarai as the party´s candidate for prime minister and Baidya had seconded the proposal. But in another meeting with Baidya, Dahal had tried to convince him that the party should rather forward the name of General Secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa as the prime ministerial candidate, terming Bhattarai as “rightist”.

“The chairman wants to break the tactical alliance between Baidya and Bhattarai that has been formed lately to cut him to size. Perhaps he plans to become prime minister himself finally after creating rifts among the senior leaders,” said a senior leader close to Baidya.
On Friday, 156 lawmakers from Baidya and Bhattarai factions had submitted a memorandum to the party demanding that the party implement its earlier decision to give women 33 percent representation in the Maoist share of the present council of ministers. The move clearly indicated that Dahal is in minority in the parliamentary party.
As the party´s wrangling factions have so far failed to mend fences, they continue to hold separate meetings of their groups to chalk out strategy. Continue reading

Maoists in Nepal putting off meetings. Cause: unresolvable issues #

Maoists Struggling To Hold Party Meetings
KATHMANDU, June 19: Unable to solve the party´s factional disputes behind the curtain, the UCPN (Maoist) has been putting off its Standing Committee meeting, which is supposed to set the agendas for the forthcoming Central Committee (CC).The party is also likely to postpone the crucial CC meeting slated for June 22 due to deepening intra-party factionalism and tussles for power.

Sources say party Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal is making attempts to find a middle ground and take the party ahead in a unified manner despite intra-party cracks.

“Why hold a meeting if that doesn´t lead to a solution? It will be easy to solve some problems by simply postponing them,” said Maoist leader Haribol Gajurel who is close to Dahal. Continue reading

Nepal: “New step is needed”

[We have received this commentary on the recent actions in Nepal taken by Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’; the comments should be read in light of the very intense struggle between parliamentary/electoral and revolutionary strategies.  This struggle has become more public and more intense, and indications are that it may be reaching its conclusion soon. — Frontlines ed.]

by Rishi Raj Baral

Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ again violated the party’s decision. The 5–point deal was not the party’s official decision.

Those who have keen interest in the current activities of United Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist ), are not unaware of  the two line struggle running within the party.  It is known to all that since three years a massive two line struggle is going on between the top leaders.  After passing the document of Prachanda, centered on ‘peace and constitution’  the political and ideological polarisation within the party  has changed. Now  Dahal and Bhattarai are in the same boat and they are rowing the boat down to the southern pole.

Recently, in an interview given to a daily news paper (it is also posted in Kiran expressed the view that Prachand has declined to lead the struggle, has deviated from the revolutionary line and is betraying the revolution. But in that interview, there are some controversial  issues too. In one place, he expresses the betrayal of revolution by Prachand and in another place, he expresses his faith on Prachand’s leadership. As he says: I think Dahal has to be at the frontline to complete the revolution. It has created a lot of confusion. It needs clarification and justification. Continue reading

Nepal: Kiran’s (Baidya’s) Challenge to Dahal (Prachanda)

[In the recent Central Committee meeting of the UCPN(M) in Nepal, the rightist parliamentarian line of the Party Chairman Dahal was being consolidated while Kiran (Baidya) raised and struggled for an opposing political proposal.  Those who are struggling to understand the two line struggle in Nepal, which has been sharply debated ever since, 5 years ago, since the ending of the People’s War, will find this paper by Kiran an essential contribution toward understanding this juncture. — Frontlines ed.]

Political Proposal of  Comrade  Kiran

‘The immediate political proposal’ presented by comrade chairman in the
politburo meeting held on April 20, 2011 and also in the present central
committee meeting is against the fundamental spirit of the political line
adopted by the central committee meeting held soon after the Palungtar
extended meeting. Expressing my dissenting opinion on chairman’s proposal,
I, therefore, would like to present a separate political proposal in this

1. Two main problems at present

The country is now in a grave political crisis.  We have now two main
problems: They are: problems related to class struggle or national struggle
and problem related to two-line struggle in the party. The problem
concerning national struggle is related to the problem in correctly
identifying the class enemy and the problem in effectively advancing the
struggle against it. Now the reactionaries, on the one hand, are conspiring
to convert our party- Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)- into a
reformist and status-quoist party by pushing it to the grand parliamentary
quagmire and should this plan fail, they are plotting to resort to
suppression against our party, one the other. We must understand this truth
properly. In the same way, the two-line struggle in the party is getting
complicated and this is also the expression of class struggle. We also must
be serious on the issue of properly understanding the two-line struggle and
advancing it in a comradely manner.

Now families of martyrs, families of disappeared warriors, and injured and
disabled warriors are expecting from our parties to realize their
aspirations and dreams of liberation. The entire Nepali people including
workers, peasants, women, dalits ( oppressed), janajaties ( nationalities)
Muslims and all backward people and classes as well as the international
proletarian class, too, are watching at our party as a centre of hope for
their bright future. We must pay our attention to all these factors.

A true communist party and its leaders must seek scientific solution to
these problems. Otherwise, the validity and justification of such leadership
would automatically come to an end. We must be very serious on this issue.

2.   On Chairman’s proposal

The political proposal presented by comrade chairman is against the
fundamental spirit of the political line and policies based on the political
proposal adopted by the central committee which was a continuation of the
sixth extended meeting of the central committee held in Palungtar. Continue reading