India: Tribal villagers displaced by fire set by Forest Department

Forest Department Burns Tribal Village to Ashes

Oct 12, 2012 by VideoVolunteers

On the morning of 15th June 2012, without any prior notice, the Forest Department broke into the houses of 18 tribal families. They used force to drive the families out before setting their homes on fire. When the men, women and children of the community tried protesting and pleading with the officials, they were threatened with consequences. In the end there wan’t much they could do. They ran with their lives and behind them, their homes and belongings — ration cards, school books, clothes, rations – were being reduced to ash.

The people of the Kiri Kasai Dorho tribal village in District Sundargarh, Odisha had been living in the region for over four generations. They used to live up the hill slope before but were forced to move downhill because years and years of the state’s promises of electricity, health centers and schools never materialized. They couldn’t move too far away because they rely on the forests for their livelihood.

This grievous violation would pass as yet another unheard atrocity committed by the state against the tribals. But IndiaUnheard Community Correspondent Amita Rahil Tuti, a tribal and an activist, came over from the neighboring state of Jharkhand to document the violation and the anguished voices of the people. Continue reading

India: Revolutionary actions against police attacks on, and multi-national-corporation displacement of tribal people

[This news report, obviously slanted when judged by such terminology as “Naxal-infested Kandhamal district,” still gives a picture of the armed resistance to police attacks on tribal people (adivasis) and the ongoing struggle against corporate displacement of indigenous.  — Frontlines ed.]


Three cops killed in Kandhamal blast

Business Standard reporter,  Kolkata/ Berhampur, January 06, 2012

In a tragic incident, three police personnel died Thursday and three others got critically injured in a landmine explosion at Naxal-infested Kandhamal district.

The incident took place near Srirampur in Kandhamal when the vehicle, in which six police men were traveling, blew up in the landmine explosion, suspected to be triggered by the Naxals.

Critically injured persons, including two constables and one home guard, were first admitted to the local hospital and later, airlifted from Baliguda to Cuttack for further treatment. The dead bodies were sent to Phulbani.

The police personnel, comprising jawans of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), bomb disposal squad and the police scientific team were on their way to investigate yesterday’s landmine explosion at Kandhamal when their vehicle was blown up by the landmine on Thursday. In yesterday’s explosion one person was killed, said DIG R K Sharma. Continue reading