Blair agreed to train Gaddafi’s special forces in ‘deal in the desert’

[The extensive collaboration between imperialist powers and Muammar Gaddafi–especially in the last decade–has been ever more deeply exposed in recent reports.  The extensive oil contracting, and the joint US-UK-EU-Libyan “war on terror” measures developed since early in the Bush-Blair period, have been coming to light.  This article traces a military, and internal Libyan, component of this relationship. — Frontlines ed.]

By Rosa Prince, The Daily Telegraph
February 28, 2011

Tony Blair used his final foreign trip as prime minister to sign a confidential deal with Moammar Gadhafi to train Libyan special forces and supply him with Nato secrets.

A copy of the accord obtained by The Daily Telegraph shows that the two leaders agreed to co-operate on defence matters in a range of areas, including exchanging information about defence structures and technology.

It was signed during the former Labour prime minister’s “Blair-well” tour of Africa in May 2007, in Gaddafi’s tent in the Libyan desert.

Included in the document was an agreement on “co-operation in the training of specialised military units, special forces and border security units”. Continue reading