Zionism is shameless and proud of settler colonial conquests and racist expulsions of Palestinians

[Once again, every act of the violent settler colonial state of Israel clarifies the fact that Palestinian liberation will not come by submission, surrender, collaboration, or dinner parties. — Frontlines ed.]

Netanyahu to Europe leaders: no apology over settlements

The Israeli prime minister has remained defiant over controversial settlement plans during a visit to Europe, as Israel presses ahead with proposals to build in one of the most sensitive areas of the occupied West Bank.

In Prague small numbers of demonstrators turned out both for and against the Israeli cause.

Benjamin Netanyahu had come to thank the Czech Republic for voting against the Palestinians’ diplomatic upgrade to non-member observer status at the United Nations.

He praised his hosts for opposing what he called a “one-sided” resolution. Israel would not sacrifice its “vital interests for the sake of obtaining the world’s applause”. Continue reading

Will the Palestinian Authority collide with popular resistance in September?

The Palestinian Authority’s (PA) bid for United Nations recognition of a Palestinian state remains on track, despite heavy pressure from the U.S. and Israel.  But what has received scant attention is the possibility that the September bid may also result in a collision between popular, grassroots Palestinian resistance to the Israeli occupation and the PA’s preferred avenues to statehood.

Following imprisoned Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti’s call for mass marches ahead of the September UN gambit for a state, the Palestinian Authority echoed Barghouti’s call.

“All of us are talking about resistance and it must be every day,” PA President Mahmoud Abbas said in late July.   Al Jazeera English reported August 1 on the PA’s planned mass rallies:

Palestinian officials have said they will begin mass marches against Israel’s occupation of the West Bank on September 20, the eve of a largely symbolic UN vote expected to recognise their independence.

Yasser Abed Rabbo, a Palestinian official, said leaders hope to attract millions of people, and the protest will be the first of a prolonged effort.

He said the campaign would be called “Palestine 194″ because the Palestinians hope to become the 194th member of the UN.

“The appeal to the UN is a battle for all Palestinians, and in order to succeed, it needs millions to pour into streets,” Abed Rabbo said.

But this week, the form of the PA’s planned “resistance” became clear, and it will certainly not mark the end of coordination between PA security forces and the Israeli military, one of the most important–and disliked among Palestinians–results of the Oslo era. Continue reading

Press reports reveal divisions over settlements; Israeli artists declare boycott

Prominent Israeli theatre artists boycott new centre in settlement

Israeli children walk past the new Theater in the Jewish settlement of Ariel in the occupied Palestinian West Bank. Leading Israeli theater artists have pledged not to perform in Jewish settlements in the West Bank, stirring a heated debate in Israel over the settlements, which have been deemed illegal by the international community and built on occupied Palestinian land.

August 29, 2010

Jerusalem – Citing reasons of conscience, 36 prominent Israeli theatre directors, actors and writers have declared a boycott of a new cultural centre to be opened soon in a settlement in the West Bank town of Ariel, media reports said Sunday.

The group sent a letter to several theatre directors around Israel declaring their boycott aims.

Among those signing the letter was famous dramatist Joshua Sobol, author of, among other works, the triptych of plays, Ghetto, Adam and Underground.

“We wish to express our revulsion of the fact that theatres are planning performances in the new hall in Ariel,” the letter said.

“The actors below hereby declare that they will refuse to perform in Ariel, as in every other settlement,” it added.

The letter stirred controversy in Israel with some right-wing politicians calling for cutting the budgets of those theatres which do not perform in the occupied areas. Continue reading