Nepal Maoist leader opposes disarming PLA and return of peasant lands to landlords

Nepal Maoist hardliner opposes disarming guerrilla

Zee News,  Sunday, January 08, 2012

Kathmandu: Indicating a deepening rift in Nepal’s ruling Maoist party, hardline leader Mohan Vaidya “Kiran” on Sunday opposed the move to disarm the former gurrillas and plans to return property seized during the decade-long civil war in the country.

“The rift in the party was between the revolutionaries and opportunists,” he underlined, adding that he was not ready to compromise on principles and ideology of the party.

Underlining the need for ‘people’s revolution’ in Nepal, Vaidya said the Maoists’ revolution would be complete only by establishing “Janabad” or peoples rule.

He said the UCPN-Maoist aims “to empower people with political, economic and cultural rights and safeguard national sovereignty.” Continue reading