Brazil: Campaign to Defend Against the Threats and Attacks on People’s Lawyer Dr. Ermogenes


Sat Sep 20, 2014

Dr. Ermogenes Jacinto de Souza is a well-known People’s Advocate and a

member of Brazilian Association of People’s Lawyers. He has spent his

professional life defending the poor peasants who have struggled for their

legitimate right to have lands in the State of Rondônia, in Brazilian

Amazon. This area of Brazil has witnessed significant number of murders

planned, ordered and executed by Landlords or their mercenaries.


No one forgets the murder of Renato Nathan a teacher and Élcio Machado,

Gilson Gonçalves peasants and dozens of others. The Landlords commit these

atrocities and criminal acts due to lack of rule of law and accountability

in the State of Rondônia. Murder, with total impunity is the fact of life in

Rondônia. The State authorities have failed to act. The Judiciary including

prosecutors and police have been busy dancing to the Landlord’ s tunes. They

are institutionally corrupt and server and assist the landlord to continue

their land grabbing strategies. Dr. Ermogenes have been threatened and

severely restricted in performing his duties as a lawyer. Continue reading

Brazil: Poor Peasant League leader killed–Comrade Elias, Present!

Fellow Elias! Present!

At 4 pm on December 8, a paramilitary group that serves the interests of the plant “Utinga Leão”, located between the cities of Rio Largo and Messias (in the state of Alagoas, northeastern Brazil), invaded a camp organized by the Poor Peasants League (LCP).

The paramilitaries terrorized the peasants and shouted out the  names of peasant leaders in that region. When they found  an important peasant leader, Elias Francisco Santos da Silva, they shot him with several shots of heavy weapons, which experts identified as exclusively used by the Armed Forces. A bullet fragment was found that is used in rifles of the Brazilian Armed Forces.

The peasant Elias was a simple man from a humble family, had common habits and worked with great dignity. He was the coordinator for almost a year of the area known as “Lageiro” in the city of Messias. He didn’t believe in false promises. Due to this he approached the Poor Peasants League, a serious organization which Elias was proud to belong to and defend. He was married, the father of six children, and lived and worked  along with his family and many others camped in that area. Continue reading

Brazil: Poor Peasants League celebrates the conquest of Santa Elina Farm


On December 3, 4 and 5 a celebration of the People’s Land Cut was held in the area of Santa Elina Farm in the city of Corumbiara (in the state of Rondônia, Northern Brazil). A team of the newspaper “Peasant Resistance” was invited by the LCP (Poor Peasants League) and followed the entire celebration.

The activity was organized by CODEVISE – Committee for the Defense of Victims of Santa Elina–and by the LCP–Poor Peasants’ League–of Rondônia and Western Amazon. The goal was to celebrate the people’s cut of the land already conquered and to deliver certificates of land ownership to the peasants.

The peasants wanted to highlight the importance of conquering  the Santa Elina Farm, which is a symbol of peasant resistance in our country, and was an achievement that cost years of great struggle, work and blood.

The peasants started arriving for the celebration on December 3. Due to the bad conditions of roads in that region, many peasants had to walk about 15 km on foot to reach the site of the celebration, which took place in an antique farmhouse. But it was not a problem for the peasants because they were so excited and happy with their victory over this symbol of the landowners, and because they knew they can overcome any difficulty. Continue reading

Rondonia, Brazil: Construction of big dams and transport corridors displace indigenous people and destroy environment

Cattle Ranching Areas in the Amazon Industrialize

By Mario Osava

PORTO VELHO, Brazil, Nov 18, 2010 (IPS) – The agricultural frontier state of Rondonia in Brazil is a byword for deforestation in the Amazon jungle, much of which has been cleared in the northwestern state for cash crops and a cattle herd that has grown to 12 million head.

But industrialisation is arriving by the hand of the construction of two big hydropower dams and transport corridors — including roads, railways and waterways — that will provide an overland link connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

The Indústria Metalúrgica e Mecânica da Amazônia factory, a joint venture between French engineering company Alstom and Bardella, a Brazilian capital goods company, marks that transition.

The plant, inaugurated in March in Porto Velho, the capital of Rondonia, will produce equipment for hydropower projects on Amazon jungle rivers in the state and the rest of Brazil, as well as neighbouring Bolivia and Peru, despite protests by environmentalists, indigenous groups and riverbank communities. Continue reading