Nepal–“Party Could Split if We are Suppressed”: Gajurel

Sunsari, Sep 15: UCPN (Maoist) Secretary CP Gajurel has warned that the party might split if the establishment does not correct its course. Stating that they do not want the party to split, Gajurel said, “We are trying hard not to split the party but if the establishment tries to suppress the others it might split.”Condemning the establishment for resorting to physical violence, Gajurel said that it would not yield any positivity. “Can’t we even have a healthy debate within the party? If the establishment wants to dominate we would not keep mum,” said Gajurel.Addressing a convention of Baidya-faction at Sunsari, Gajurel also accused Prime Minister and party Vice Chairman Baburam Bhattarai of deviating from his ideologies after being elected as the prime minister. Continue reading

Nepal: Maoist Party Plenum – Vice-Chairman Baidya Threatens Revolt against Party Leadership

UCPN (Maoist) Vice-Chairman Mohan Baidya "Kiran"

Post Bahadur Basnet, Republica

Palungstar, Gorkha, Nov. 23: Maoist Senior Vice-chairman Mohan Baidya has threatened to revolt against the party if the official party line is not implemented.

“If the  party doesn’t become revolutionary and gets bogged down in revisionism, we will have to raise the red flag for revolution,” a party leader quoted Baidya as saying while presenting his separate political document  in closed session on Monday, the second of the plenum being held in Palungstar, Gorkha district.

Baidya warned that he would not remain in the party if it sides with revisionism.

On Monday, Baidya and Vice-Chairman Dr Baburam Bhattarai presented their political documents at the jumbo meeting that kicked off on Sunday.

Baidya was agressive against Chairman Pusha Kamal Dahal for not implementing the official party line of “People’s Federal Democratic Republic” and achieving the goal through a people’s revolt, as decided during the Khariparti national conclave in 2008.

“The time has ripened for a revolt. We can capture state power through the fusion of a People’s War and a people’s revolt,” the source quoted Baidya as saying further while presenting his paper. Continue reading