‘Troubling’ frequency of Oakland cops pulling guns……..on African-Americans

Phillip Matier,Andrew Ross, Chronicle Columnist

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oakland police are often too quick to draw their guns, especially when confronting African American suspects, according to a report by a federal court monitor.

As part of the fallout from the “Riders” scandal, the monitor looked at a random sampling of police reports from the first three months of this year and found 80 incidents in which officers drew their weapons, two of which resulted in fatal shootings.

Although the analysis found that officers had acted appropriately in a majority of the cases, court monitor Robert Warshaw and his team said they were “troubled by the high number of instances” – 28 percent – in which police didn’t have to draw their guns.

“Officers frequently presumed – often, with no basis – that whomever they were contacting was armed,” their report said. Continue reading