CRPF Special Director-General Vijay Raman’s difficult fight against Naxalites

[Vijay Raman has been given a very difficult task, and indications are that it won’t be getting easier.  He describes some of the difficulties his counter-insurgency forces face in attempting to suppress the popular struggles and Maoist forces a.k.a. “Naxalites.” (Vijay Raman’s CRPF, Central Reserve Police Force, is a major part of the para-military forces involved in Operation Green Hunt)-ed.]


By Syed Nazakat, The Week


CRPF Special Director-General Vijay Raman

CRPF Special Director-General Vijay Raman is in charge of the biggest anti-Naxal offensive underway in the Maoist-hit states. Raman, who commands over 60,000 personnel, is dealing with what Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called “India’s biggest internal security challenge”.
During his posting in Kashmir, he was known for his aggressive tactics. The one thing Raman cherishes about his days in Kashmir is that he managed to develop and protect a group of informers. “That, unfortunately, is not happening in the Naxal-affected areas,” Raman told THE WEEK in an exclusive interview. Excerpts:

What are the challenges you face?
The challenge is to make state governments take the lead. We will provide them full support like it is happening in Maharashtra, where the police take action and we provide support.

You said local intelligence gathering is not working in Naxal-affected areas.
The key to defeat any armed insurgency is information. The police play a key role in information gathering. If we have information, even a big leader like Kishanji could be tracked. Continue reading