Fatah-Hamas Discuss Release of Political Prisoners While Mutual Repression Continues

[As this article shows, neither Fatah nor Hamas, who have recently embarked upon some levels of co-operation with each other, have displayed the leadership or the authority to unite the Palestinian people in struggle today against the Zionist settler-colonial occupation and its imperialist partners and paymasters.  Many new grassroots initiatives (both within historic Palestine and throughout the diaspora), of varying degrees of independence from both Fatah and Hamas, are being discussed and debated. — Frontlines ed.]
Thursday, 23 June 2011
Dolev Rahat, Alternative Information Center (AIC)

Although the scheduled meeting between Mahmoud Abbas and Khaled Mashal in the matter of establishing a Palestinian unity government was recently cancelled over disagreement on the identity of a new Palestinian prime minister, talks between Fatah and Hamas continue on the issue of political detainees.

Palestinian Legislative Council Member Muna Mansour (above) was attacked by West Bank PA police officers during a demonstration

In the framework of the national unity agreement signed in Cairo on 4 May, both Fatah and Hamas committed themselves to cease political detentions, and to free political prisoners already detained.

On Wednesday 22 June, Ashraf Jumaa, a member of the Fatah delegation to the Palestinian unity talks in Cairo, noted that both sides exchanged lists of people they define as political prisoners held by the other side. The reconciliation agreement determines that a committee will be established to discuss these lists and decide which are indeed political prisoners who must be freed.

On Wednesday Jumaa met with mothers and wives of political prisoners from Gaza, and noted a general dissatisfaction with the pace of progress in the matter of political prisoners and their release.

In the meantime it appears that the governments controlled by both movements continue to prosecute political activists of the other side. Continue reading

Philippines: Release of all political prisoners sought

2 August 2010

MANILA — In the light of the release of former Marine Col. Ariel Querubin, the  Samahan ng mga Ex-Detainees Laban sa Detensyon at Para sa Amnestiya (Selda), the  organization of former political detainees, urged anew the Aquino administration to release of the 402 political prisoners still languishing in jails nationwide.

Querubin is one of the military officers arrested four years ago in connection with a supposed attempt to overthrow former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Marie Hilao Enriquez, Selda secretary general and Karapatan chairperson, said,  but it is just to release Col. Querubin as well as the other victims of illegal arrest and arbitrary detention during the past administrations.

Enriquez cited the Morong 43, the community health workers and doctors who were  illegally arrested last February 6, 2010 and are still currently detained at  Camps Bagong Diwa and Capinpin; the case of Myrna Cruz, a former teacher and a  consultant of farmer organizations in Cagayan; the case of Angie Bisuña-Ipong,  the 60-year old lay leader who was abducted and missing for two weeks in March 2005, before she was surfaced in the Pagadian City Jail and is still incarcerated; as well as those of hundreds of others in other jails in the  country. Continue reading