Nepal: United Nations leans on UCPN(Maoist) to speed up peace deal

UNMIN chief Karin Landgren

Yahoo News India

Kathmandu, Sep 22 (IANS) The UN agency assisting Nepal’s protracted peace process Wednesday asked the major parties in the Himalayan country to speed up the deal, underlining that it will exit in four months’ time.

Karin Landgren, chief of the UN Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) that monitors the arms and combatants of the state army as well as the opposition Maoists’ People’s Liberation Army (PLA), said the four-month extension given to the UNMIN by the UN Security Council was not flexible and its mandate would end Jan 15.  “(This) creates even greater expectations that the parties will make rapid and significant headway,’ said Landgren on her return to Kathmandu after briefing the Security Council in New York.

The UNMIN chief said that though there had not been any real progress in the peace process much of this year, the last 10 days showed positive developments.  These are, according to her, the pact between the government and the Maoists to ask the Security Council to extend UNMIN’s tenure by four months, a ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ between the Maoists and the ruling communists not to take part in the upcoming prime ministerial election that has failed to throw up a new premier even after seven rounds, and reactivating the Special Committee that will decide the fate of nearly 20,000 PLA combatants. Continue reading

Prachanda Interview Full of Illusions and Promises to Play by the Rules of Bourgeois Politics

[This interview with Prachanda in the June 2010 Red Star continues to promote the illusion that the Nepal Army can be “democratized” by a new Maoist-led government.  He says the party leadership will press to include the People’s Liberation Army as a “separate force” in the army, when in fact he has been engaged in intensive negotiations with the reactionary Nepali Congress and UML parties to integrate 3000-5000 PLA members (out of 19,000) into the army. He reaffirms that the party is not restoring the people’s governments in the countryside, and states that the main task is to take the peace process to the end.  This is in direct opposition to the need to re-establish the people’s war and re-launch the new democratic revolution in Nepal-ed.].

“The Government Must Be Formed Under the Leadership of Our Party”

By Prachanda, Chairman, Unified Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist

The Politburo meeting that was held for the long time has decided that it will lead the national united government. If it’s sure that the national united government will be formed, who will be the prime minister?

The politburo meeting has decided that national unity government must be formed under the leadership of UCPN (M). When the time comes to form that government our part will finalise about the leadership. We didn’t discuss it this time. The main focus is that the government must be formed under the leadership of our party. It’s the party that counts not the person.

Your party has been demanding the formation of national united government. There are talks of majority government too. Are both the options open?

Both of the options are open. But, we also discussed about the possibility of the national unity government in the politburo meeting. We came to the conclusion that the possibility of a national unity government is getting weaker. Taking this situation into account, we have decided to remain prepared for both options. Continue reading