Anti-war leader Jess Sundin slams FBI infiltration of peace movement

January 13, 2011–Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement made by Jess Sundin, of the Twin Cities based Anti-War Committee and the Committee to Stop FBI Repression, at a Jan. 12 press conference on FBI infiltration of the peace movement. Sundin is one of the original 14 activists who was issued a subpoena during the FBI raids of Sept. 24, 2010. She was also one of the principal organizers of the 30,000 strong anti-war march at the Republican National Convention in 2008.

The press conference exposed the role of an undercover cop, going by the name of “Karen Sullivan,” who entered the anti war movement shortly before the 2008 Republican National Convention.

To date, 23 international solidarity and anti-war activists have been subpoenaed to appear in front of a grand jury in Chicago. Protests are being planned in cities across the U.S. for Jan. 25, the date that Palestine solidarity activists have been called to appear in front of the Grand Jury.

Statement by Jess Sundin at Jan 12 Press Conference

We are here today to express outrage that our democratic rights have been violated by a government operation of spying, infiltration and disruption of our anti-war movement, which was carried out over the course of at least two and half years.

In April 2008, law enforcement officer Karen Sullivan, joined the Anti-War Committee. In 2008, we were involved in organizing the anti-war marches on the first and last days of the Republican National Convention in St. Paul. At that time, there was a massive security operation here which included the infiltration of the RNC Welcoming Committee. We now have it confirmed that in this same time period, we too became the subject of government investigation. The difference is that our spy made herself comfortable and decided to stay awhile, posing as a fellow anti-war activist and pretending to befriend us. Continue reading

US targets Palestine Solidarity: More Grand Jury subpoenas – now against Electronic Intifada

[The news today reveals that the Electronic Intifada (see it at is  yet another target of repressive government moves against the Palestine and other internationalist solidarity movements.  Active defense of our movement and further development of our international solidarity is essential.  Please send reports of protest and resistance to–Frontlines ed.]

FBI delivers subpoenas to four more anti-war, solidarity activists as U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald Expands Witch Hunt

The FBI came unannounced to knock on doors at two apartments in Chicago this morning. FBI agent Robert Parker, under orders from U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald’s office, delivered a subpoena to Maureen Murphy. Murphy, like several other individuals served subpoenas, is an organizer with the Palestine Solidarity Group-Chicago.

This continues the repression unleashed by Fitzgerald on the anti-war movement since September 24th, when fourteen subpoenas were delivered to anti-war, labor, and solidarity activists in coordinated raids involving more than 70 federal agents. Armed FBI agents raided homes, taking computers, phones, passports, documents, notebooks, and even children’s artwork. A total of 23 subpoenas have been served to activists around the country. Continue reading

Grand jury subpoenas hit more Palestine solidarity activists

The intensification of the people's struggle in Palestine is pushing Israel and its US backers to crack down on the Palestine solidarity movement in the US and other countries

WBEZ, Dec. 03, 2010

Grand-jury subpoenas Friday afternoon may signal that the federal government is expanding a probe of Midwest antiwar activists. Attorney Jim Fennerty said the FBI served subpoenas to at least two Chicago-area women who visited the Israeli-occupied West Bank this summer.

Fennerty represents some antiwar activists who defied an order to appear before a grand jury in Chicago this October.
Fennerty said at least one new subpoena requires the recipient to appear before a grand jury on January 25.
He declined to name the recipients but said they’re both young and frightened.

“They’re widening the scope of this investigation,” Fennerty said. “They’re trying to squeeze anybody they can.
This is an attack about people who do solidarity work around Palestine.”

Subpoenas served to 14 Midwest activists in September suggest an investigation relates to foreign groups the  federal government calls terrorist. A spokesman for the FBI’s Chicago office said officials can’t comment on grand-jury proceedings.