The Guardian (UK): “Undercover police spied on protesters at Occupy LA”

Revelation about covert surveillance in LA comes as 55 people arrested at Occupy San Francisco camp, Sunday 11 December 2011

The now vacant site of the Occupy LA camp. Campaigners say they are troubled by the infiltration of the camp by undercover police. Photograph: Jason Redmond/AP

Undercover police officers infiltrated Occupy LA’s tent city last month to spy on people suspected of stockpiling human waste and crude weapons for resisting an eventual eviction, police and city government sources have said.

Authorities said the covert surveillance was not aimed at anti-Wall Street activists exercising their constitutional right to freedom of expression but at those they considered anti-government extremists bent on violence.

The revelation came as police arrested dozens of people during a raid of an Occupy San Francisco encampment outside the Federal Reserve building early on Sunday.

San Francisco police Officer Albie Esparza says that at approximately 4am officers arrested about 55 people for illegal lodging.

Esparza says that before police moved in on the encampment, demonstrators had been warned on an hourly basis over a 24-hour period that they were subject to arrest.

The arrests come after at least 85 people were arrested on Wednesday when police cleared a separate Occupy encampment in nearby Justin Herman Plaza.

Civil liberties campaigners said they were troubled by the infiltration of peaceful demonstrations, although the Los Angeles police department’s undercover efforts were not unique. Continue reading

The Revolutionary Poets Brigade at Occupy San Francisco

November 20th, 2011, the evening after the police raid at the Federal Reserve building,
occupiers crowded together to close down the block of 101 Market Street.
After Daniel Ellsberg spoke to the crowd,
the Revolutionary Poets Brigade appeared and gave this spirited reading.

Video by: Danielle Peterson