Indian court suspends life term of Maoist rebel

Narayan Sanyal

NEW DELHI, May 7 (UPI Asia) – India’s Supreme Court Monday freed a septuagenarian Maoist rebel on bail and suspended the life imprisonment sentence given him in 2010 after being convicted for sedition.

Supreme Court Justices G. S. Singhvi and S. J. Mukhopadhaya said they were giving him bail because he was 78 years old and had already been in jail six years.In 2010, a court in the eastern Indian state of Chhattisgarh had convicted Sanyal, a leader of the outlawed Communist Party of India (Maoist), with two others.

The case shot to international attention in 2008 when noted human rights activist Binayak Sen was implicated in the case for visiting Sanyal in prison.

Police had alleged that Sen, a doctor, had delivered messages to Sanyal on the pretext of visiting him in prison to treat him as a doctor.

The Chhattisgarh judge had given him five years in jail under India’s controversial Unlawful Activities Prevention Act. Continue reading

Oppose Strongly the Punishment given to Binayak Sen, Narayan Sanyal and Piyush Guha!

Indian Workers Association, GB:  “Raise Voice Demanding the Release of Political Prisoners Who Are in Indian Jails Under Sedition Charges!”

To All Those Who Cherish Democratic Values — The judiciary of the so-called biggest democracy on this planet has once again shown to the world that it is partisan, undemocratic and oppressive as it is wrongfully punishing renowned Dr. Binayak Sen, a doctor who always served the people, and two others, Narayan Sanyal  and Piyush Guha. The three have been punished under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), Public Safety Law of Chhattisgarh (CSPPA), and 124-A and S 120 clauses of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). These special clauses of sedition were introduced by the British colonialist rulers in India to suppress the rightful rebellions of the Indian people against the colonialist rulers. These black clauses are not only retained in penal code of ‘free’ India, rather, many new laws of such kind are made and being enacted to suppress the will of the people. The rulers are aggressively using these new laws against the people to stifle them.

The punishment slapped on Binayak Sen, Narayan Sanyal and Piyush Guha is totally unjustified. Continue reading