United Steel Workers (US) and Mineros (Mexico) Explore Merger

[The world-wide economic crisis continues to bring into conflict all the relations of the imperialist system.  Class struggles in every country and the building of genuine international solidarity and joint actions on a regional or global scale are critical challenges of our time.  Many activists and revolutionaries are struggling to address this challenge and to bring new forces of struggle, from reformist to revolutionary, into being.  This article from a trade union activist describes new developments in the unity of workers in North America.  The article traces an important, and generally unknown, history.-ed]

Dan La Botz

July, 2010


The merger would create an international union of one million metal workers and miners. The United Steelworkers (USW), which represents 850,000 workers in Canada, the Caribbean, and the United States, and the National Union of Miners and Metal Workers (SNTMMSRM), known as the Mineros, which represents 180,000 workers in Mexico, have announced plans to explore uniting into one international union. The agreement to begin exploration of a merger was signed on June 21.

This new step in the creation of a global union — as opposed to a global federation of unions — represents a significant new development for labor in the Americas with implications for workers around the world.

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