Charting The Growth of China’s Military Capability

[A website devoted to “military education” has developed a graphic presentation on China’s program to develop their military capability.  While it certainly falls short of the ability to challenge the US/NATO force, they are certainly developing into a competitive world-class power within the world imperialist system.  Together with their expanding economic power, this deserves serious attention.  — Frontlines ed.]chinese-militarySource:

US military chief Gates warns China not to underestimate US power

[The US continues to reassert it’s #1 position in the world imperialist system, and China as the largest significant emerging imperialist power is asserting a greater regional hegemony in Asia. US military chief Robert Gates (mis-named “defence”  secretary) has been dispatched to China, speaking in arrogant, bullying, and condescending language against the “insolent upstart,” China.–Frontlines ed.]

US war chief Gates, being briefed on Afghanistan (file foto)

Michael Sainsbury, China Correspondent, The Australian
January 10, 2011

US Defence Secretary Robert Gates has signalled his concern over China’s rapid military modernisation.

His move is highlighted by the latest picture of a Chinese stealth bomber, as he begins talks aimed at repairing security relations in Beijing today.

But Dr Gates warned China not to underestimate the US or the continuing power of its military.

“I’ve watched this sort of cyclical view of American decline come around two or three times, perhaps most dramatically in the latter half of the 1970s,” Dr Gates told reporters en route to China.

“And my general line for those both at home and around the world who think the US is in decline is that history’s dustbins are filled with countries that underestimated the resilience of the United States.” Continue reading