The World Condemns the 1915 Turkish/Ottoman Genocide of Armenians

Victims of Armenian Genocide

1915, Victims of the Armenian Genocide



On 24th April 1915 the Ottoman government massacred one and a half million Armenians. 24th April 2015 is the 100th Anniversary of this genocide. This genocide committed a century ago has been systematically denied by the Turkish state, which is a continuation of the Ottoman government. All the efforts and exertions of the Turkish state were not enough to erase this genocide from the memory of humanity within the past century. Human history has never forgotten this genocide.

The greatest fear of the Turkish state is: with the acceptance of the genocide, being tried at an international court, to pay remuneration and to return the assets, usurped from Armenians, to their descendants. It is no longer possible for the Turkish state that has been trying for a century to rid itself of this issue and to hide the Armenian genocide. Continue reading

Athens, Greece: Racist police operation in the city center

[The world-wide economic crisis has brought extreme repression and mass suffering to every region. Often, mass unemployment is coupled with intensified exploitation in slave-like conditions of migrants, who also face attacks by racist, xenophobic gangs.  The following statement, from the Communist Party of Greece (Marxist-Leninist), speaks to the recent attacks on migrants in Athens, Greece.  It is posted here in an unofficial English translation. — Frontlines ed.]


from  Αντίσταση στις γειτονιές  (Neighborhood Resistance website), August 6, 2012

The recent anti-immigrant operation to remove migrants revealed the racist crimes of the government.

By order of the Prime Minister Samaras, police entered homes, stopped and seized all immigrants of color. According to figures given, Saturday, August 4 of the 4900 arrests made, the arrests of 1130 were charged with “illegal residence” in the country.

Minister Dendias arrogantly explained the pogrom as a measure to safeguard the human rights of migrants. On the other hand it is a clear intention of the government to distract the masses from the real cause of their problems, as reflected in his speech in parliament in which Dendias characterizes the immigrant as the ‘biggest problem of the economy.” He promotes nationalist delusions of the baptism of the Golden Dawn, claiming that immigrants and immigrant invaders “challenge national well-being” — which if not addressed “threatens the complete deterioration of society”!

The brutality against immigrants complements the profile of unpopular government so far has shown clearly that the policy towards the people when he fights against real enemies, they will be enforcing the “legitimacy” of terrorism and repression. Migrant workers as any worker, generate wealth and jobs. Migrants are not “a drain or danger” but instead contribute to the economy. Which they need to cruelly exploit — and now condemn as most “dangerous” for the country. But, in fact, it is capital and imperialism that endangers the people and the country.

It is the duty of all leftists, democrats and all conscious workers of the country to condemn the racist pogroms and atrocities against immigrants, the most oppressed part of the working class. And simultaneously expose the bourgeoisie as the real enemies of the people and workers.

Rebellion against oppressive state grows–Indian officials worry at Maoist support in Delhi

[The continuing growth of mass resistance and revolutinary struggle in India has led, repeatedly, to  bourgeois media stories of “conspiracies” of “outsiders” injecting “subversion” and even “sleeper cells” into a population that is happy, contented, and very loyal to the powers-that-be.  However, “wherever there is oppression, resistance will follow.”  The organiser of resistance is the oppressive system itself.  It is no surprise that resistance continues to grow throughout India, including the capital, Delhi.  But this article is how the bourgeoisie explains this.–Frontlines ed.]


India: “Maoists seeking to build support in Delhi”


By Udayan Namboodiri, Khabar South Asia

New Delhi, June 20, 2012

The militants play to the sympathies of students in order to recruit potential helpers, Indian officials say.

The Indian government is worried about the expanding presence of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) in the national capital, following the arrests of two insurgents in New Delhi in one month.

Police nabbed suspected Maoist explosives expert Shiv Kumar on June 7th after receiving specific intelligence that he was in Delhi on a visit from Jharkhand. He was cornered in a bus station and gave up without a fight, Delhi Police deputy commissioner Sanjay Kumar Jain told Khabar South Asia.

Kumar, also known as “Shiva”, is known to have been involved in an ambush on security forces in the Dhardhariya forest in Jharkhand in May 2011 in which 11 officers were killed and 50 others injured.

D K Pandey, inspector-general of police in charge of anti-Maoist operations, said the 27-year-old was articulate in Marxist-Leninist theory and proficient in the use of landmines, and had participated in more than 200 raids since joining the Maoists in 2008.

He is the second fighter of the underground guerrilla army, whose operations span a vast slice of eastern and middle India, to be arrested in less than four weeks. Continue reading

The people and the working class of Greece struggle for the overthrow of imperialist brutality and subjugation

Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist)

The situation in Greece

The situation in Greece is critical both for the people and the working class. Because of the imperialist dependence of the country, its position in the EU and the Eurozone, its military-political dependence in NATO and its military-political role as a NATO-US springboard, the social and political developments in Greece cannot be seen apart from the developments in SE Mediterranean, the M. East., N. Africa, the Balkans and the quarrels inside the EU.

All contradictions and geo-political aims of the imperialist powers in the region, along with the special but critical issue of the future of the EU, are influencing all developments in our country, having in their background the world crisis. That is the reason that Greece is in the first page of the Media something that is proportionately greater than that of other countries similar to Greece (Portugal, Ireland).

The troika mechanism and its real targets

Starting after the October 2009 elections and the troika (IMF-EU-ECB) “salvation mechanism” of May 2010 there is in motion a rapidly escalating antipopular and antilabor policy that flattens all economic-labor-social rights of the people. The imperialist powers of the EU, mainly Germany and France, aided by the strong presence of the US through the IMF, and with the pretext of the great foreign debt imposed a deeper subjugation that takes the form of a protectorate.

This mechanism gives shark loans in 3-month installments in order to pay back a portion of the huge interests. This leads to greater debt. (In 2009 the debt was 120% of GDP and now approaches 160%). But the greatest imperialist profit is not the huge amounts of money that accumulate through this loan shark imposition. The main return that they take from the country is its total destruction of any productive base, the imposition of a medieval regime as far as the labor, social, economic and political rights of the people are concerned, and the sell-out and plunder of every resource and infrastructure this country has. Continue reading

Greece: KKE(m-l) on the strike wave, general strike and protests

Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist)

People’s wrath flooded the whole country!

The determination of the people and the workers must block the brutal attack, state terror and provocateurs!

Thursday,  20/10/2011

Communist Party of Greece (ML) banner: "They exterminate us!" "They are selling the country!" "We are not looking for 'saviors'!" "Participate in the Massive Uprising!" (October 20, 2011)

The Communist Party of Greece (m-l) salutes the hundreds of thousands of strikers who for two days have flooded the streets and the squares in Athens and every city all over the country against the new law – that concerns new austerity measures and abolition of workers’ rights.

This 2-day general strike was the result of the pressure exercised on the sold out leadership of the two workers’ confederations ( in public and private sector). During the last weeks there were a lot of mobilizations in the public sector, hospitals, ministries etc. This strike has shown – once more – that the workers and the people in our country are determined to fight and overthrow the barbarism imposed by the government’s policies and to oust the Troica, the IMF and the European imperialists. They have managed to surpass the obstacles set forth by the sold out leadership of the union with their participation in mass assemblies and militant resolutions in work places and unions.

The Communist Party of Greece (m-l) denounces the state terror that was launched-–particularly the second day, 20/10, in Syntagma Square in Athens through a sweeping operation using chemical gas against the demonstrators. Continue reading