India: Maruti Suzuki Workers Union pamphlet on the occasion of May day

Sanhati, April 30, 2013

[Note from Maruti Suzuki Workers Union : We are currently on an indefinite dharna in Kaithal, Haryana since 24 March 2013, which included an 8-day Hunger Strike, and will continue until our demands are met. Please join us, in large numbers on 8th May 2013 in Kaithal (in front of the D.C. Office) for a program and rally to take the struggle forward.]


Make Stronger the Unity of the Workers of Gurgaon-Manesar-Dharuhera-Bawal and the Toiling Masses of Haryana !

On the occasion of May Day, take the pledge to challenge the attack of the Capitalists and the Government which serves their interests !

Friends and Comrades,

Our experiences in struggle since 4th June 2011 provide us with the realization of a renewed importance of May Day and its glorious history. Moulded and tempered in the hearth of the struggle against exploitation and repression, the meaning of this history confronts us with an immediacy and concreteness today.

Exploitation and unceasing exploitation, struggle and repression: what all have we not witnessed during the space of these two years! On the strength of our unity and the solidarity of the workers of the industrial belt of Gurgaon-Manesar, after three phases of strike actions in 2011, we finally formed our Union in March 2012. This expression of our collective strength was unbearable to the management of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, Manesar and the state administration, who, to break this unity, as part of the conspiracy of 18th July 2012, declared us to be mindless criminals and terminated the jobs of 546 permanent and around 1800 contract workers. Along with this, 147 of our innocent fellow workers were thrown into jail, who continue to languish there, while non-bailable arrest warrants were thrust on 66 of us. An atmosphere of terror through continuous police repression and administrative intransigence firmly on side of the company management has been hounding us ever since. When we look at the horrible exploitative conditions of work of our fellow workers inside the factory today, the rationale behind the lies and fabrications of the company’s narrative around 18th July 2012 become clear to us. The workers working inside the factory today are bereft of all the rights that we won during the first phase of our struggle. Fewer workers than earlier toil harder than before. When even as much as an inkling of a renewed attempt to raise our voice, to establish our Union inside the factory came, 13 of the more active workers were promptly transferred to various corners of the country, and the attempt crushed there itself. So much for ‘everything’s under control’ in the Maruti’s ‘way of life’! Continue reading

India: After abuse of Dalit worker, Maruti Suzuki autoworkers rebel, attack management–plant shut down, workers arrested

Maruti unrest: Manesar plant shut indefinitely, 99 workers arrested

by Naresh Sharma/Firstpost, Jul 19, 2012

[Around 500 policemen are at the Manesar plant. Photo: Naresh Sharma/Firstpost]

99 workers arrested, company still assessing damage at facility

4:03 As the Maruti workers and management blamed each other for the unrest at the Manesar plant, almost 100 workers were arrested on Thursday. Over 1,000 policemen have now been deployed at the factory and work has been suspended indefinitely. A case has also been registered against 60 workers for attempt to murder and damage to property. The company also said nearly 100 executives have been hospitalised after workers and members of the management clashed on Wednesday afternoon. The company has, in a statement, accused the workers of setting the plant on fire.

A Maruti spokesperson told CNBC-TV18 that a decision on when operations will be resumed at the Manesar plant will be announced soon as the company is still assessing the damage at its property and the facility. The company, however, clarified that the there has been no  damage to the production line. Only  administrative offices have been destroyed.

Victim identified as HR manager

3:02 The victim who was  burnt during the fire has now been identified as Avnish Kumar Dev, General Manager, HR. He is suspected to have died of smoke inhalation after he was trapped in the room which was set on fire. The senior official’s body has been identified by his brother-in-law. Dev’s charred remains were found after a fire in portions of the plant, including a control room, was doused. Continue reading