Another Step in Israeli Colonialist Removal of Palestinians

Israel issues demolition order for school near Hebron26 February 2015
Israeli school demolition orderIsraeli forces raided the village of Al-Majaz, handing out demolition orders to the village’s main school, attended by dozens of students from neighbouring villages.

Israeli occupation forces this morning distributed demolition orders to a school, some buildings, and tents in the city of Yatta, south of Hebron, the coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlement in Hebron said.

In a statement to the Palestinian Information Centre, Rateb Al-Jabour said that the occupation forces were accompanied by teams from what is known as the Hebron City Administration and they raided the village of Al-Majaz, handing out demolition orders to the village’s main school, attended by dozens of students from neighbouring villages. They also gave out warnings to remove tents belonging to two brothers from the Abu Aram family.

He added that these warnings are part of a plan to seize Yatta territories, amounting to 50,000 dunams (50 square kilometres).

According to Al-Jabour, the school is made up of a number of caravans, which were donated by a European institution in early this year and is attended by 22 students. The Israeli authorities did not set a date for the demolitions.


Palestinian Prisoners Support Office Raided by Israeli Forces

addameerAddameer Offices Raided by Israeli Occupying Forces This Morning

The Israeli Occupation Forces raided three non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Ramallah at 3 am this morning, including Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association. Five computers and a camera were stolen from Addameer, as well as a number of legal files, pictures and posters of prisoners and detainees on hunger strike. Ironically, this attack coincides with the 64th anniversary of the ratification of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Addameer believes that this brutal assault is part of the constant targeting of the association’s staff and mission to defend Palestinian political prisoners. Since 2002, Addameer has been subjected to raids and attacks and arrest campaigns of staff members in past years. Most recently, Addameer’s researcher, Ayman Nasser, was detained on 15 October 2012 and is charged for supporting Palestinian prisoners and detainees and calling for their freedom. Similarly, in midst of the prisoners’ hunger strike between 17 September and 13 October 2011,  the IOF issued an arbitrary order that bans Addameer’s chairperson Abdullatif Ghaith from entering the West Bank, a ban that is still in effect. Continue reading

Zionist business as usual: another day of Ethnic Cleansing and settler-colonial violence against Palestinians

Israeli Forces Arrest Eight Citizens from Jenin Camp, Nablus, Gaza

December 20, 2011, PNN – Palestine News Network,

PNN- On Tuesday, Israeli forces arrested three citizens from Jenin refugee camp, Jenin city, and Yamoun village. 
An Israeli jeep raids a West Bank village (Lo Yuk Fai, PNN).

Secure sources told Palestinian official news wire Wafa that Israeli forces at the city of Jenin and the refugee camp using tear gas and sound bombs,  arrested three Palestinians, Kamal Awaad, Mohammad Mazen Abu al-Sa’di and Yousef Abu al-Sba’, after they raided their houses and rummaged through their belongings.
The Israeli forces also raided the house of As’ad Mohammad Steiti in the camp and searched it. They also raided Yanoun village, west of Jenin, and searched several houses.
Israeli forces also arrested a youth and his sister from Duma village, south of Nablus.
Secure sources told Wafa that the Israeli forces raided the village at dawn and started searching the citizens’ houses, eventually arresting Omar Dwabsheh, 20, and his sister Fatima, 22, who studies at al-Najah University.
In the central Gaza refugee camp of al-Bureij, Israeli soldiers kidnapped three Palestinians during a midnight raid.
[An Israeli jeep raids a West Bank village (Lo Yuk Fai, PNN).]