We condemn liquidation of People’s Liberation Army: Full text of Comrade Mohan Baidhya’s Press Statement.

September 2nd, 2011, The Next Front

A leader of the revolutionary Maoists in Nepal, Comrade Baidhya

(The Next Front:  “The design and mission of Prachanda and Baburam, who had long been planning to disarm, dissolve and liquidate the People’s Army under various pretexts, have finally come to fruition. They have handed over the keys of the containers, in which weapons of the People’s Liberation Army have been locked, to the Army Integration Special Committee without the consent of party’s vice chairman Mohan Baidhya’Kiran’ and even without consultation with general secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘Badal’ who is the in-charge of the party’s army department. The keys of the containers have been handed over to the government against the spirit of the party’s official decision. This decision is a kind of design to liquidate the PLA. We, therefore, condemn this kind of capitulationism. Following is the statement issued on behalf of revolutionaries on this issue.”)

Our party has been committed to carrying the tasks of constitution writing and army integration to a meaningful conclusion in accordance with the spirit of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). We have made it clear that both of these responsibilities have to be accomplished simultaneously. There can be no divided opinion about the fact that army integration is an important part of the peace process.  It is known to all that we have been advancing the issue of army integration with consensus.

It is also clear that the meetings of our party held at different levels and on different occasions have taken the decision to integrate the army in a dignified manner. Despite the formal decision of the party to agree on the regrouping of the PLA members only after settling the issues concerning the modality of integration and rehabilitation package, the sudden and surprise decision to hand over the keys of the containers and weapons is against the decision of the party’s standing committee and central committee. This decision is a ploy to dissolve and liquidate the People’s Liberation Army by disarming it.  We strongly condemn this type of decision and also appeal to all concerned people and sectors to immediately terminate this suicidal decision.

Mohan Baidhya ‘ Kiran’

Vice Chairman

Unified Communist party of Nepal (Maoist)

Nepal: Contending Views Approach a Crossroads

Baidya, Bhattarai Likely To Present Separate Papers


KATHMANDU, Aug 25: The upcoming Central Committee (CC) meeting of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (UCPN-M) is likely to be marked by intense intra-party disputes over the party´s next strategic move.

According to sources, Senior Vice-chairman Mohan Baidya and Vice-chairman Dr Baburam Bhattarai have been preparing separate political papers against the one prepared by Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal for presentation at the CC meeting slated for Wednesday.

“There is nothing new in his paper except allegations against Baidya and Bhattarai that they did not cooperate with him to achieve the party´s goals, which is obviously false,” said a Maoist leader close to Baidya.

Dahal prepared his political document at Mirabel Hotel Resort at Dhulikhel where he spent a night and returned to Kathmandu on Sunday.

Sources said Dahal has stated in the document that the party should move ahead to achieve its strategic goals through the street, parliament and government.


“It is the same old tactical line. The document is currently under discussion and it could be modified,” said a top Maoist leader close to Dahal.

While Dahal and Dr Bhattarai are ideologically close, the latter differs with Dahal over the determination of the party´s principle enemy and his “monopoly” in the party as well as the style of running it.

“What we want is systematize the organization, establish collective leadership and remove the current culture of personality worship,” said a central committee leader close to Bhattarai.

Bhattarai faction has accused Dahal of keeping his personal interests at the center while taking decisions and running the party on his whims. This faction is also against Dahal´s ongoing “battle for nationality”.

“It is laughable that he plans to safeguard national independence by delivering speeches on the border. Instead, we should tackle all the disputes with India through diplomatic means,” said the leader.


Sources say Bhattarai is under intense pressure to present a separate paper at the CC meeting. “Even if he doesn´t present a separate paper, he is likely to put forward his views point-wise. But we will first see what the chairman has to say,” said the leader.

Baidya, however, is neither satisfied with the current course of the party, nor Dahal´s style of running the party. He is for launching a revolt to seize state power.

“The party-line of launching a revolt, as endorsed by Kharipati national conclave, has not been implemented, nor has the party leadership bothered to prepare grounds for it,” said a leader close to Baidya. So, Baidya is likely to push for a “people´s revolt” to achieve communist goals.

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