London: Indian Workers Join Solidarity with Gaza Demo, 9 August

The National Demonstration for Gaza

London 9th August Saturday 2014

Condemn US, UK-backed Israeli genocidal bombardment of Gaza!
Condemn the killing of Gaza’s innocent women and children!
Stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine!

The Indian Workers’ Association (Great Britain) stands in firm solidarity with people of Palestine and emphatically condemns the Israeli Zionist regime for murdering 1,655 and injuring 8,900 Palestinians during their recent military offensive on Gaza. These figures were still rising as we go to print. More than 74 percent of those killed are civilian. We are seeing gruesome images of decapitated children’s bodies and innocent injured individuals being shot. The Palestinian people in Gaza have no place to run or hide and are helpless against the Israeli tanks and superior fire power. This is not the first time Israel has attacked the Palestinian people in Gaza. The same happened in November 2012 and in winter of 2008-09. These attacks on the Palestinian people are war crimes that are being watched by the US and their allies, including Britain. The western governments shamelessly exercise duplicity. Unlike their stand in Ukraine, Syria, etc. there is no call for sending in the US military or the NATO forces to defend the Palestinian people. In their eyes the people in GAZA don’t matter so intervention on humanitarian grounds is not even a consideration. On the contrary the US imperialist are poised to sell $225m arms to restock the Israeli military arsenal. Continue reading

Indian Workers Association: To All Who Are Concerned About the People of India

India-Cop with lathi at ready

Add Your Voices to Stop the War on Indian People

Once it was Operation Blue Star, now it is Operation Green Hunt.

Do you know?

The Indian government has declared war against its own people? It is called Operation Green Hunt. According to the government they have deployed 150,000 troops in India’s central and eastern states. Independent witnesses say the numbers are closer to 250,000. This is more than the number of US troops in Afghanistan. This is war on the Indian people.

Recent statistics show 37% of the country’s people suffer from chronic malnutrition and 50% are undernourished. The government’s response?

To sign MoUs with large foreign and Indian companies to grab land from people, to displace them, so that corporations can prosper. The government introduced the Special Economic Zones Act in 2005 which allows large companies to acquire land, exempts them from tax, foreign exchange laws, labour and environmental laws, agricultural laws and special protections for indigenous peoples.

That nearly a third of India is under army occupation with no democratic freedoms? That all over India arrests, detentions, disappearances have increased to alarming levels since the people began resisting the corporate take over of India?

The People’s Response?

The people of India, in particular the Adivasis (tribal people), peasants in rural areas are resisting the displacement, evictions and the military occupations. Continue reading