Palestinian Parkour: In a Land of Walls and Barriers, The Defiant Arts of Overcoming Obstacles

Free Running Gaza

A Film by George Azar and Mariam Shahin
Maysara Films, for AlJazeeraEnglish on Jul 3, 2011

Two young Palestinians embrace an art form and athletic discipline that offers an escape from life under occupation.
Length: 25mins  |  Year of production: 1999

Free Running Gaza depicts the thoughts and dreams behind the first Gaza Parkour Team, an initiative of two 22–year–old friends, Mohammed al–Jakhbeer and Abdallah Enshsi. Seen through the eyes of this inspirational duo, Parkour, a high octane urban acrobatic sport, forces people to look at obstacles as challenges, and even opportunities. Mariam Shahin and George Azar’s doc follows the ingenious duo as they chart out new spaces to develop their sport, find new stunts to master, and use the internet to share their achievements with a global fraternity of “free runners”.