India jailed a revolutionary, but they can’t jail the revolution



One year passed since the abduction-arrest of GN Saibaba by Indian state. With a 90 per cent disability Saibaba is lecturer of English at Ramlal Anand College, Delhi University and he is being deprived of proper medication and care that is needed for his safety and life. In the year he’s been in prison, his physical condition has deteriorated alarmingly. He is in constant, excruciating pain.

But he is denied of bail like many other in India and his ‘crime’ is to speak for the oppressed masses, Adivaisi, Dalits and Muslims.

To know more about him and his case (and many others), read Arundhati Roy’s article at:

Writer, composer and singer of this song is Doc Jazz, and it was originally composed for the Palestinian activist Samer Issawi. Visit his site for more detail:

Brazil: During World Cup Protests, “Free Saibaba” Banners Fly

Even as popular resistance to the FIFA-excused theft of public resources continued to grow, activists demonstrated on June 12, in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State, Brazil, demanding the immediate release of the professor in India, Dr. GN Saibaba, who was abducted and arrested by the Indian fascist state on May 9.
GN Saibaba is Delhi University professor of English literature, an active defender of the rights of the people and democracy. Demand the Operation Green Hunt (the war of the Indian State Against the People in India)! Freedom for all political prisoners!


Mumia Abu Jamal, Zhao Dongmin and Binayek Sen: Voices of the Voiceless

by Dr. Rishi Raj Baral, Samayabaddha Magazine (Nepal)

Mumia Abu Jamal, Zhao Dongmin and Binayek Sen are the citizens of USA , China and India respectively.  These days, not only in their countries, but also outside of their countries, they are at the centre of public concern. They have got worldwide media coverage.  Their states have treated them as criminals. That is why, they believe in reason, conscience and social consciousness. They support the decent and the oppressed people. In the name of rules and regulations and peace and democracy, their states have imprisoned them all.

America claims itself as the greatest democratic country and a leading figure in the safe guard of the human rights. Due to economic crisis these days, its hegemonic activities are not accelerating, but there is no confusion that till now America is the commander of today’s imperialism. India, one of the powerful countries of South Asia, also claims itself as a big democratic country of this region. But those who have some political consciousness know that India is the hegemonic and expansionist country of this region. Indian is in fact, the number one enemy of its neighboring countries when it comes to their national sovereignty and their people’s class libration. Continue reading