Philippines: Call for Resistance against Increased Foreign Mining in the Eastern Visayas

Strip mining in the Philippines

NDF-EV calls for resistance against escalation of foreign mining in the region

July 24, 2010

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas today expressed disgust and outrage at the Aquino government’s announcement of the rise of mining activities in the region. “We condemn the Aquino government’s rush to exploit Eastern Visayas as anti-people, anti-development, anti-environment and pro-foreign,” said Fr. Santiago Salas, NDF-EV spokesperson.

“The Mines and Geosciences Bureau’s claim that these mining activities are small-scale and exploratory only is meant to disguise their real nature as large-scale foreign mining. For example, many towns along the Samar and Leyte coasts will be affected by just two mining concessions, Northern Access Mining Inc. and Pan-Asia Mining Limited, which will export magnetite sand to China.

“Furthermore, the extracted resources will be all for export and not for domestic development. The sheer scale of mining applications for 2010 alone thus confirms large-scale foreign mining, with 66 approved and 197 more pending. The escalation of mining activities as divulged by the MGB therefore means economic plunder, suffering for the people and environmental destruction.” Continue reading