Both Democrats and Republicans Attack Public Employees

Election-year media images echo Democratic and Republican politicians alike, blaming the suffering of taxpayers on "fat" public workers (and too many government services)

[While this article proposes the reformist false solution of “tax the rich”, it contains useful exposure of the ruling class’s attacks on public employees.-ed.]

By Shamus Cooke

22 September, 2010,

States everywhere across the United States are facing the common enemy of extreme budget deficits. Many states have deficits in the multi-billion dollar realm, as the budget crises dominate the debates for the upcoming gubernatorial elections. In these debates, Republican and Democratic candidates are finding it difficult to disagree on the most essential issues around the budget crises. The most crucial question for any incoming governor must be: how will you resolve the state’s budget crisis? The answer from both parties is a resounding: “Public workers and those who depend on their services will pay for the crisis”! Continue reading