India: Intense Revolutionary Struggles for Liberation from the Intense Oppression of Dalits

No revolution without the annihilation of caste, no annihilation of caste without revolution!! The only way of paying true homage to Babasaheb Ambedkar is to fight back the caste atrocities and caste oppression!

by Democratic Students’ Union (DSU), Jawaharlal Nehru University, 18 April 2013
Last week in the Bulandshahr district of UP, a 10 year old Dalit girl who had gone to the fields was raped by a man belonging to the dominant caste. The mother of the girl, waiting for her return, ultimately went searching and found her lying there unconscious in a critical condition. When the family of the girl decided to lodge a police complaint, they were threatened by the dominant caste section of the village of dire consequences. The family, as is usually the case, was bluntly asked to forget the incident. However, determined to take the fight for justice, the mother of the girl refused to yield to these threats and approached the local police station. But justice for dalits and other oppressed people remains a far cry within the current system! Refusing to lodge any complaint, the police rather kept the girl locked up in custody for the entire night while her mother helplessly waited outside the station. She was only released the next morning when the locals, hearing of the incident, started protesting in front of the police station. In another part of the country in Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu, over 300 dalit families have been facing a complete social and economic boycott by the dominant castes for the past few months. The ‘crime’ being that a dalit man had fallen in love with a woman belonging to the dominant caste. Fearing violent attaack, like the one that happened in Dharmapuri last year, the parents of the boy have already sent back the girl to her parents – something that the police of this self-proclaimed ‘largest democracy of the world’ facilitated. Ever since a khap panchayat ordered this decision, dalits of the area are facing a complete boycott. They have been banned from working on the fields or even in the brick kilns and other such small industries. Continue reading

Babri Masjid verdict a victory for right-wing Hindus

Fundamentalist Hindus demolish Babri Masjid mosque in 1992

Democratic Sudents Union, Jawaharlal Nehru University

October 16,  2010

Notwithstanding the party in power, the colour of Indian state is saffron: The Babri Masjid verdict once again proves that!

The Babri Masjid Verdict most certainly stands as yet another brazen vindication of the communal, fascist, and Hindu majoritarian nature of the Indian state. What is more dangerous however is the way every ruling class party in this country is justifying and trying to ‘normalize’ this rabidly communal verdict and in effect its pre-history. Duly assisted by the corporate media, these parliamentary parties are trying to hide the fascist ramifications of this judgment.

The judgment not only blatantly denied justice to the Muslims by vesting 2/3 land of the Babri Masjid to the Hindus but also dangerously upheld faith of the dominant upper caste HRam templeindu community. The verdict after all reasserts the fact that Muslims are second class citizens in this country, who should remain contented with the “generosity” shown by the judiciary in vesting just one-third of the land, which wholly belongs to them otherwise. Continue reading