CPG(m-l): “The US imperialists were, are, and will always be the sworn enemies of the peoples of the region”

Hillary Clinton out of Greece!

Imperialists out of Greece, Turkey, the Balkans, Cyprus, and the Middle East!

 War against the imperialist war!

 The visit to Greece of the official representative of US imperialism, Hillary Clinton, is a direct provocation to our people but also to other peoples in the region. It is a show of force of the superpower, first and foremost, against the fighting Greek people.

The representatives of US imperialists visit Greece with audacity in order to confirm their direct intervention in our country and the region.

They come here after the Greek government reshuffling to show to their European counterparts that the superpower wants and can put its stamp in the developments and the balance of powers in the region. It wants mainly the alignment of the regional regimes with the US interests. Continue reading

The US Economic “Recovery”: Half-Assed Keynesianism

(As the world-wide capitalist/imperialist crisis continues to deepen, the system continues to prove its bankruptcy in both theory and practice.  Revolutionary scholarship, on the other hand, has been lagging behind events, and many who claim to be serious opponents of the system have great difficulty moving beyond weak calls for “re-instituting the New Deal” and “bringing back Keynesianism.”  Activist echoes of this outlook focus on organizing Alinskyite “pressures” on Obama to “resist the right.”  Serious analysis of the crisis, not as an aberration, but as an expression of the system, is badly needed. Toward such analysis we offer this response to the NYTimes characterization of the crisis, which we hope will stimulate more analysis and debate.ed)


by Scott Harrison

[This is a slightly edited letter I sent to friends on June 9, 2010, along with an article from the New York Times, appended below. –S.H.]

The federal government and U.S. ruling class are hopelessly confused about what to do about the still developing economic crisis. Their main approach to dealing with the crisis which took such a qualitative turn for the worse in 2008 has been through Keynesian “stimulus” policies. Both the Bush and Obama administrations got huge “stimulus” packages passed, in addition to spending hundreds of billions (or was it trillions?) bailing out the big banks and Wall Street firms.

In February 2008 there was a $114 billion reduction in individual and corporate income taxes. In February 2009 there was an $862 billion package which included infrastructure improvements, aid to states, unemployment insurance extensions, COBRA subsidies, tax cuts and tax rebates. And there were also 5 smaller “stimulus” packages through April 2010 which totaled about $52 billion, devoted to such things as additional unemployment insurance extensions, home buyer’s tax credits, the cash-for-clunkers car scrapping scheme, food stamp funding, and further corporate tax rebates. Continue reading