CP Gajurel on the Political Situation in Nepal

Red Star. June 2010

Present political situation and policy of the Party

by C P Gajurel ‘Gaurav’

Present political situation is marked by various twists and turns and ups and downs. After the abolition of autocratic monarchy ruling over Nepal since last two and a half centuries, the contradictions of Nepalese are in the process of changing. This change in the contradiction has brought some new changes in political alliances and new conflicts. The political parties which made repeated commitments before the people of Nepal and at the international sphere, proved futile when the tenure of the Constituent Assembly(CA) nearly ended without accomplishing its job of writing a new constitution.

Though the term of CA has been extended for another one year, making new constitution is still a tuff job, because the diff erences among the major political parties remain unresolved and new issues of diff erences have cropped up regarding many questions related and unrelated to the constitution. This article has been prepared based on such political circumstances.

Why the Constituent Assembly?

Though the slogan of Constituent Assembly was first coined by then Nepali Congress during 1950’s when it was leading anti-Rana mass movement, but it was completely left out for the last half a century. Th is slogan was raised by C P N (Maoist), but at the different circumstances. The party identified the existing monarchy as the main obstacle for the development of the Nepalese society and worked out a tactical line of making alliance with all the political forces who wanted to get rid of the monarchy. Major slogan to forge such an alliance was Constituent Assembly. Continue reading

Nepal: UCPN(M) seeks US assistance in drafting new constitution

(For further background on these events, please take a look at https://revolutionaryfrontlines.wordpress.com/2010/06/30/after-us-invites-ucpnm-to-boston-conference-its-excessive-conditions-are-rejected/–ed.)

Nepal News, June 25, 2010

The Unified CPN (Maoist) has decided to call back its three leaders who are currently on a visit to the United States.

The party decided to call its three leaders – C.P Gajurel, Top Bahadur Rayamajhi and Pampha Bhusal – back to the country after politburo member Angi Sapkota, who was in the list of CA members visiting the US, had to cancel his trip in response to pressure created by some international human groups against him, citing wartime human rights abuses.

In a press statement, Maoist spokesperson Dina Nath Sharma said that his party had taken the incident as a move intended to malign the image of his party.

Along with the Constituent Assembly members of other major parties, the three Maoist leaders, who are also CA members, had flown to the US to take part in a workshop on constitution-drafting in Boston. They are on a ten-day visit.

This is for the first time the US administration is hosting a group of Maoist leaders. Prior to this, Maoist standing committee member and party’s foreign department chief Krishna Bahadur Mahara had visited the US at the invitation of the State Department.

The recent gesture from the US government is seen as an indication of its improving relations with Nepali Maoists although it still puts the former rebels in its terrorist watch list.