Graham Nash and James Raymond release song and video in support of Bradley Manning

[From the Bradley Manning Support Network website, — We urge all Frontlines readers to check the Bradley manning site regularly for updates in the case, and for the best ways to join the campaign to Free Bradley Manning, at — Frontlines ed.]

Rock and roll hall of famer Graham Nash and James Raymond have released a new song and video, “Almost Gone (The Ballad of Bradley Manning)”, in support of accused WikiLeaks whistle-blower Bradley Manning. The video release comes just in time to help raise awareness about Bradley Manning’s upcoming December 17th pretrial hearing – which is also Bradley’s birthday. The Bradley Manning Support Network is calling for that day to be an international day of solidarity in his honor, and to date over 40 events have been announced. Stand up for Bradley Manning and enjoy the music, which Nash and Raymond have given us permission to share here.

Written and performed by Graham Nash and James Raymond, video by Andrew Thomas.

Almost Gone (The Ballad Of Bradley Manning )
Written by Graham Nash and James Raymond

Locked up in a white room, underneath a glaring light
Every 5 minutes, they’re asking me if I’m alright
Locked up in a white room naked as the day I was born
24 bright light, 24 all alone

What I did was show some truth to the working man
What I did was blow the whistle and the games began

Tell the truth and it will set you free
That’s what they taught me as a child
But I can’t be silent after all I’ve seen and done
24 bright light I’m almost gone, almost gone

Locked up in a white room, dying to communicate Continue reading

Veterans and supporters of Bradley Manning demonstrate at gates of Fort Meade hearing

Reinforcements Arrive from Occupy Wall Street

FORT MEADE, MARYLAND — Eighteen months after he was first accused of revealing information to WikiLeaks, PFC Bradley Manning appeared before an Article 32 investigating officer this morning.  Supporters began gathering outside the gates of Fort Meade to call for Manning’s freedom and denounce the proceedings as unjust. Inside the tightly-controlled military court room, lead defense counsel David Coombs challenged the investigating officer, Army Lt. Col. Paul Almanza, to recuse himself due to conflicts of interest.

“Military officials have begun conducting their star chamber prosecution after abusing Bradley Manning of his rights for eighteen months,” said Jeff Paterson, an organizer with the Bradley Manning Support Network, who was speaking from the vigil at Fort Meade. “The investigating officer is not only biased to produce an outcome that is favorable to his employer at the Justice Department — he’s under pressure from his Commander-in-Chief, who has already inappropriately weighed-in on this case.”

Supporters have long argued that PFC Manning could not receive a fair hearing due to unlawful command influence from President Obama, who publicly declared in April that the former Army intelligence analyst “broke the law.” Continue reading

San Francisco, California: Rally and March for Accused Wikileaker Bradley Manning

Monday, November 21 2011
Army Sets Pre-Trial Hearing Date for Bradley Manning on Dec. 16th
On November 21st, the United States Army scheduled an Article 32 pretrial hearing for PFC Bradley Manning, the Army intelligence specialist accused of releasing classified material to WikiLeaks. The pretrial hearing will commence on December 16th at Fort Meade, Maryland. This will be PFC Manning’s first appearance before a court and the first time he will face his accusers after 17 months in confinement. A rally and march in solidarity with Bradley Manning takes place on Tuesday, November 22nd, starting at 5pm at Market & Powell Streets in San Francisco.Bradley Manning, a 23-year-old, openly gay, US Army intelligence analyst is facing life in prison. He is accused of sharing the following with Wikileaks: a video of the killing of civilians by a US helicopter in Iraq, the Guantanamo Files, the Afghan War Diary, the Iraq War Logs and revealing US diplomatic cables. In short, he’s been charged with telling the truth about controversial wars, foreign policies and corporate and government corruption and tyranny.SF Rally and March for Accused Wikileaker Bradley Manning! | Bradley Manning Support Network