Ecuadoran Maoists condemn the intra-bourgeois conflict in Ecuador: Not our fight

Partido Comunista del Ecuador-Sol Rojo (PCE-SR)

October 1, 2010

On the Violent Conflict within the Bourgeoisie of Ecuador

Once again the country is dragged into a state of shock as a result of the existing contradictions between the comprador and bureaucratic bourgeoisie.

These  intra-bourgeois contradictions, which have inevitably taken a violent character, do not reflect true class antagonisms, but the struggle for political and administrative control of the Old State.

The events occurring yesterday, particularly in the capital and the Republic, manifested in the police uprising against the regime, laid bare some important aspects that we must analyze in order to take a clear class position:

• The class character that the repressive state apparatus always has depends on their tendency to serve the interests of the big bourgeoisie in either its bureaucratic or comprador form.

• These events have shown the criminal nature of the National Police and revealed their true repressive, murderous and arrogant essence.

• The arrogance of Correa’s fascist regime that uses all these events to try to “legitimize” to the masses its misnamed “citizens’ revolution.”

• The open role of revisionism that is carried out by the opportunistic left of the revisionist PCE and the MPD, raising false flags of Communism, to come out in support of the “established order” and bourgeois democracy, and attempt to drag the masses into an intra-bourgeois conflict.

• Furthering the “manipulation” of the Police by elements representing the comprador faction of the bourgeoisie, with serious intent to carry out a coup, the scene reveals the imperialist plan to consolidate its control in the country. Continue reading