Greece: KKE(m-l) on the strike wave, general strike and protests

Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist)

People’s wrath flooded the whole country!

The determination of the people and the workers must block the brutal attack, state terror and provocateurs!

Thursday,  20/10/2011

Communist Party of Greece (ML) banner: "They exterminate us!" "They are selling the country!" "We are not looking for 'saviors'!" "Participate in the Massive Uprising!" (October 20, 2011)

The Communist Party of Greece (m-l) salutes the hundreds of thousands of strikers who for two days have flooded the streets and the squares in Athens and every city all over the country against the new law – that concerns new austerity measures and abolition of workers’ rights.

This 2-day general strike was the result of the pressure exercised on the sold out leadership of the two workers’ confederations ( in public and private sector). During the last weeks there were a lot of mobilizations in the public sector, hospitals, ministries etc. This strike has shown – once more – that the workers and the people in our country are determined to fight and overthrow the barbarism imposed by the government’s policies and to oust the Troica, the IMF and the European imperialists. They have managed to surpass the obstacles set forth by the sold out leadership of the union with their participation in mass assemblies and militant resolutions in work places and unions.

The Communist Party of Greece (m-l) denounces the state terror that was launched-–particularly the second day, 20/10, in Syntagma Square in Athens through a sweeping operation using chemical gas against the demonstrators. Continue reading