Athens, Greece: Racist police operation in the city center

[The world-wide economic crisis has brought extreme repression and mass suffering to every region. Often, mass unemployment is coupled with intensified exploitation in slave-like conditions of migrants, who also face attacks by racist, xenophobic gangs.  The following statement, from the Communist Party of Greece (Marxist-Leninist), speaks to the recent attacks on migrants in Athens, Greece.  It is posted here in an unofficial English translation. — Frontlines ed.]


from  Αντίσταση στις γειτονιές  (Neighborhood Resistance website), August 6, 2012

The recent anti-immigrant operation to remove migrants revealed the racist crimes of the government.

By order of the Prime Minister Samaras, police entered homes, stopped and seized all immigrants of color. According to figures given, Saturday, August 4 of the 4900 arrests made, the arrests of 1130 were charged with “illegal residence” in the country.

Minister Dendias arrogantly explained the pogrom as a measure to safeguard the human rights of migrants. On the other hand it is a clear intention of the government to distract the masses from the real cause of their problems, as reflected in his speech in parliament in which Dendias characterizes the immigrant as the ‘biggest problem of the economy.” He promotes nationalist delusions of the baptism of the Golden Dawn, claiming that immigrants and immigrant invaders “challenge national well-being” — which if not addressed “threatens the complete deterioration of society”!

The brutality against immigrants complements the profile of unpopular government so far has shown clearly that the policy towards the people when he fights against real enemies, they will be enforcing the “legitimacy” of terrorism and repression. Migrant workers as any worker, generate wealth and jobs. Migrants are not “a drain or danger” but instead contribute to the economy. Which they need to cruelly exploit — and now condemn as most “dangerous” for the country. But, in fact, it is capital and imperialism that endangers the people and the country.

It is the duty of all leftists, democrats and all conscious workers of the country to condemn the racist pogroms and atrocities against immigrants, the most oppressed part of the working class. And simultaneously expose the bourgeoisie as the real enemies of the people and workers.

Greece: KKE(m-l) on the strike wave, general strike and protests

Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist)

People’s wrath flooded the whole country!

The determination of the people and the workers must block the brutal attack, state terror and provocateurs!

Thursday,  20/10/2011

Communist Party of Greece (ML) banner: "They exterminate us!" "They are selling the country!" "We are not looking for 'saviors'!" "Participate in the Massive Uprising!" (October 20, 2011)

The Communist Party of Greece (m-l) salutes the hundreds of thousands of strikers who for two days have flooded the streets and the squares in Athens and every city all over the country against the new law – that concerns new austerity measures and abolition of workers’ rights.

This 2-day general strike was the result of the pressure exercised on the sold out leadership of the two workers’ confederations ( in public and private sector). During the last weeks there were a lot of mobilizations in the public sector, hospitals, ministries etc. This strike has shown – once more – that the workers and the people in our country are determined to fight and overthrow the barbarism imposed by the government’s policies and to oust the Troica, the IMF and the European imperialists. They have managed to surpass the obstacles set forth by the sold out leadership of the union with their participation in mass assemblies and militant resolutions in work places and unions.

The Communist Party of Greece (m-l) denounces the state terror that was launched-–particularly the second day, 20/10, in Syntagma Square in Athens through a sweeping operation using chemical gas against the demonstrators. Continue reading

CP of Greece (m-l): “The Zionists Will Pay for the Crimes They Commit”

*Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist) Press Statement*

*The Zionists will pay for the crimes they commit!*

The international criminals, leaders of the Israeli state, have hit again!
They have proved once more that they are equal successors of the Nazi-fascist crimes of the 20th century.

They murdered in cold blood unarmed supporters of the Palestinians’ struggle after they captured their ships, among them two Greek ships, which carried humanitarian aid and attempted to break the siege of Gaza Strip. They arrested hundreds members of the Free Gaza Movement, injured dozens of them and captured all the ships.

Not as common pirates, though! For the contemporary pirates, for example, on Somalia’s coasts and elsewhere have proved that they respect human life. They committed it as absolute sub-humans, and serial killer-terrorists. A modern Nuremberg trial is what they should be facing. Continue reading