Cisco Torres is free of all charges in the SF8 case

Cisco Torres visits Kiilu Nyasha for an interview during one of his many trips to San Francisco from his home in New York City to fight the bogus charges lodged against him and seven other former Black Panthers. He was the last of the San Francisco 8 whose case was still being litigated. What joy that the cloud is finally lifted! – Photo: Hans Bennett

August 19, 2011

by Claude Marks

Judge Philip Moscone signed and filed an order dismissing charges against Francisco Torres late Thursday, Aug. 18. Cisco was the last former Black Panther member facing charges in this 1971 case about the killing of a San Francisco police sergeant.

“It took over four and a half years to win this case!” said Cisco Torres.

In 1973 several of the men were brutally tortured by police in Louisiana to elicit false confessions. The case was dismissed in the 1970s, but charges were filed again in January of 2007 against eight former Black Panthers.

They all resisted this renewed repression. Charges against Ray Boudreaux, Richard Brown, Hank Jones, Richard O’Neal and Harold Taylor were previously dismissed for insufficient evidence. Herman Bell and Jalil Muntaqim pled to greatly reduced charges, receiving time served and probation.

Cisco Torres, speaking for himself and on behalf of the San Francisco 8, was elated, giving “our thanks to all of our supporters for battling with us for so long. Our victory is shared!” Continue reading