Haiti: Anti-UN protests spread to several cities and towns

UN "peacekeepers" use pepper spray on demonstrators

CBS News, November 16, 2010

Frustration and Anger in Haiti Cholera Outbreak in Haiti Sparks U.N. Appeal; Rush to Stop Cholera Spreads in Haitian Capital

Anti-U.N. riots spread to several Haitian cities and towns as protesters, exchanging gunfire with U.N. soldiers, blamed a contingent of Nepalese peacekeepers for the cholera outbreak. Protesters continued to barricade some roads on Tuesday. The protests left at least two people dead.

A demonstrator was shot dead by a U.N. peacekeeper during an exchange of gunfire in Quartier Morin, near Haiti’s second-largest city of Cap-Haitien, the United Nations mission said. It said it was investigating the shooting but asserted the soldier acted in self-defense. Haiti Senate President Kelly Bastien told Radio Vision 2000 that a second demonstrator was shot and killed in Cap-Haitien itself. He did not know who shot him.

The 12,000-member force reported that at least six U.N. personnel were wounded in protests at Hinche in the central plateau, while local Radio Metropole reported that at least 12 Haitians were injured in Cap-Haitien.

The protests apparently began in Cap-Haitien early Monday and within hours had paralyzed much of the northern port city. An APTN television cameraman trying to reach the area was repelled by protesters throwing rocks and bottles from a barricade. As the day went on, other protests broke out in surrounding towns and the central plateau.

Local reporters said a police station was burned in Cap-Haitien and rocks thrown at peacekeeping bases. A small protest was also reported in the northwestern city of Gonaives, but U.N. police said it ended peacefully. Continue reading