Chilean protesters in street battles with police, seized 30 election-polling booths

[Massive protests of government policies favoring the rich have seen government repression , and denunciations by the goverrnment of the opposition as “extremist.”   — Frontlines ed.]More than 100,000 join demonstrations as students seize 30 polling stations to be used for presidential vote on Sunday

in Santiago,, Thursday 27 June 20

Chile protests

[Protesters run from teargas during demonstrations in Santiago, Chile. Photograph: Ariel Marinkovic/EPA]


Hooded protesters have vandalised shops and fought running street battles with riot police in Chile‘s capital after more than 100,000 joined mostly peaceful demonstrations across the country to demand education reform.

The violence began early on Wednesday when masked youths attacked a police station and left burning tyres at road junctions hours before thousands of university and secondary school students marched through central Santiago.

While riot police battled a flurry of rocks and molotov cocktails, students seized an estimated 30 locations scheduled to be official voting sites for Sunday’s presidential primary vote. Continue reading