India:’Operation NGO Hunt’ in Jharkhand state

[This article from the Indian media exposes that the Indian government’s attacks on “Maoists” and “Naxalites” now include adivasis (tribal people) and over 1300 Non-Governmental Organizations–that advocate for tribal people’s rights in the state of Jharkhand alone.–Frontlines ed.]


Indian state of Jharkhand

Mainstream, December 11, 2010

’Operation NGO Hunt’ in Jharkhand

by Gladson Dungdung

The Jharkhand Government has launched a new operation in the State; it can be called “Operation NGO Hunt”.

In a latest discovery, the Jharkhand Police have found 1300 nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) as sympathisers of the Naxalites though nobody knows the ‘parameters’ of the ‘sympathisers’. However, the way the state is behaving with these organisations, it is very clear that anyone who raises questions against the violation of the rights of the people residing in the Red Corridor is a sympathiser of the Naxalites.

In fact, these NGOs, human rights groups and mass organisations are empowering the villagers, mobilising them and fighting to protect their constitutional rights in the Red Corridor but the state is determined to suppress them.

Therefore, the government has ordered an inquiry into these NGOs. The Superintendent of Police (Intelligence Department) and the Deputy Commissioners of the concerned districts are investigating the matter. According to the Intelligence Department, some NGOs are involved in unlawful activities; several organisations have direct links with the Naxalites and many organisations have protested against the government in the street. The Police Headquarters has also identified these NGOs and the Home Department has sent a list of these NGOs to the Deputy Commissioners.

It seems from the state’s action that no one has the right to protest against the state under any circumstance. If so, why do we have the constitutional rights? Are we really living in a democratic country, where only the Naxalites and Maoists have the right to protest? Continue reading