“Ye Mothers”

A new film by Haripal Singh and Anil Kumar Chaudhary, in tribute to Shanti Ghosh and Suniti Choudhury, women revolutionaries from Bengal, aged 13, who committed an act of revolutionary justice on 14 December, 1931, after the great revolutionary Bhagat Singh was killed by British colonialists.
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On his visit to India, can Obama ignore Bhagat Singh?

By Jawed Naqvi
Thursday, 14 Oct, 2010
Whatever the reason for his visit, Obama will be in for a surprise his hosts may not have provisioned for. –File Photo

President Obama is likely to go to the Golden Temple in Amritsar next month. Different reasons are being given for the first visit by an American president to Sikhdom’s holiest shrine.

One version suggests his wife planted the idea. Her uncle had lived in Amritsar as a member of the US Volunteers Corps. A more straightforward explanation is that his host, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, himself a Sikh, would be pleased by the gesture.

Whatever the reason for the completely agreeable plan, Mr Obama will be in for a surprise his hosts may not have provisioned for. He will find there that high up among the icons that Sikhs deify, as do most Indians, is Bhagat Singh who was hanged for defying British rule in India.

In fact Mr Obama could do a quick headcount of the devotees, if security permits, that would reveal how the 23-year old martyr stands taller in the minds of the people of Amritsar than any other hero of India’s anti-colonial struggle. Continue reading