Under Fire, The Resistance in Palestine and in Diaspora Dispels Illusions, Gathers Force

[In California, several mass protests of the Israeli attack have grown in size and spirit, and sizable numbers of Palestinian youth have taken the lead.  The Arab Resource and Organizing Center has been an important part of these developments.  An AROC speaker at the July 26, 2014 demonstration in San Francisco detailed their views at this crucial juncture. — Frontlines ed.]


Arab Resource and Organizing Center on Racism, Islamophobia and Occupation


We must exercise unity in the face of ongoing Racism, Islamophobia, and Occupation:

The Arab Resource and Organizing Center acknowledges the increased visibility of Islamophobic violence, and the rise of all other racist and anti-immigrant hate speech and acts of aggression, as being inextricably linked to one another.  We find ourselves in a continued climate of racism and Islamophobia that seeks to blame People of Color for economic and policy-related problems caused by corporate and government greed.

At a time of economic downturn and environmental catastrophe, virulent attacks on all immigrant communities and Communities of Color have become more visible and publicly acceptable in the mainstream, as reflected in the Arizona SB1070, the national anti-immigrant “Secure Communities” Act, anti-Muslim statements from SF Police Chief George Gascon, and the many Islamophobic acts related to the announcement of the Park 51 Community Center in Lower Manhattan.

We are in a time of enhanced enforcement of racist laws when this more overt racism is becoming once again publicly acceptable. However, these attacks are not a new phenomenon, but rather a continuation of a specific type of racism that seeks to label immigrant and Muslim communities as “un-patriotic” and “un-American” and hence less than deserving of equal rights or even of human rights.  In a time of division tactics and wedge politics from both the religious Right and liberal politicians, Communities of Color and working class communities must unite against these racist attacks. Continue reading