New Land Seizures in western Nepal

BARDIYA, May 23rd, 2010: Maoist-affiliated All Nepal Freed Kamaiyas Association (ANFKA) on Sunday seized an additional 154 bighas [1 bigha = 1.67 acres] of land in Rajapur area of the district. The area was once known as the hotbed of Maoist insurgency.

The Maoists, who started land grab drive a week ago, have already seized 87 bighas of land in Daulatpur village.

Police records showed that the seized land include five bighas and 17 katthas land owned by Rudra Bahadur Shahi, 12 bighas owned by Prem Kumari Rana and 70 bighas of land belonging to Ramesh Gyawali.

The land owners have vented anger against the police for not taking steps to free the land.

Meanwhile, ANFKA Chairman Challu Tharu said they will continue their land grab drive till until the government provides land to landless squatters.

Major New Paper on the Road Forward for the Revolutionary Struggle in Nepal

PLA camp during the people's war, 1996-2006

The MLM Revolutionary Study Group in the U.S. has just published a major paper on Nepal titled,

“Which Way Forward for the UCPN(Maoist) and the Nepali People’s Revolutionary Struggle?”

Its table of contents are as follows:

I. Moving Towards a Package Deal in May 2010

Protest Campaigns to Apply Pressure on the Nepali Congress and UML

February 2010 Statement by the UCPNM Central Committee

Integration and Fragmentation of the People’s Liberation Army

Renewing the Revolutionary Struggle

A Parallel with Indonesia–or El Salvador?

II. The Real Obstacles and Challenges for the Revolution in Nepal

The Threat of Indian Intervention

Winning Over the Middle Forces

The Russian Revolution

The Chinese Revolution–1945-46 Peace Offensive

III. Revolutionary vs. Revisionist Negotiations in China, India and Nepal

A Different Situation in Nepal (referring to negotiating without intact          military forces and base areas)

IV. Two Arguments by Prachanda Apologists in the U.S.

1. Prachanda and his supporters have a secret plan to make revolution.

2. Who are you to criticize the Maoist Party in Nepal?

V.  Genuine Internationalism and the Revolutionary Struggle in Nepal

The introduction to the paper reads: Continue reading

Maoist Land Seizures Continue in Nepal

These articles appeared in Nepal News on January 21, 2010.

Maoists capture more land

Unified CPN (Maoist) cadres have captured more land in Kavre and Kapilvastu, Wednesday. They hoisted their flags in 269 Ropanis [70 hectares/155 acres] of land at the banks of Indrawati river, in Kavre. Maoist cadres led by Mahadevsthan village committee secretary Shambhu Phuyal had gone with a bull-dozer in the land to hoist the flag.

The land belongs to Amritnath Ghalachhe, Pashupatinath Ghalachhe, Daya Laxmi Kharel, Man Thapa, Rajendra Khatri, Laxman Prasad Lamsal, Dharma Lal Shrestha, Anil Dhungel. Gokul Prasad Sapkota, Ram Krishna Shrestha, Purushottam Shrestha and Surya Lal Manandhar.

Likewise, there are reports the UCPN (Maoist) cadres captured about 33 Bigahas [22 hectares/ 48 acres] of private land in Kapilvastu, too. All Nepal Peasants Association (Revolutionary), Kapilvastu has said, the land is captured forever and will be distributed to landless squatters. However, the District Administration Office, Kapilvastu said, it will recover the land and hand them over to the rightful owners if it receives any complaints. Continue reading

Maoists in Nepal Step Up the Pace of Land Seizures

Republica, December 15, 2009

Maoists on Land Grab Rampage

Kathmandu: In clear violation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, the Maoists have stepped up their land grab across the country.  The Maoist party seized public and private land worth millions of rupees in several districts including Kavre, Sunsari, Dang and Nawalparasi and hoisted the Maoist party flag on the seized lands.

Local Maoists say they captured the land as per the party’s policy to settle landless people as the government turned a blind eye to their plight.

On Tuesday, the former rebels seize 402 ropanis of private land in Devbhumi Baluwa VDC, Kavre.  The Maoists had been selling mangoes grown there, and the Maoist-affiliated All-Nepal Peasants Union (Revolutionary) and All-Nepal Landless People’s Union (Revolutionary) held a rally, hoisted party flags and announced seizure of the land. Previously, the local dalits and the poor worked the land on a crop-sharing basis. Continue reading

UCPNM Calls Bandh After Police Attack Landless Dalits

Landless squatter protest

Times of India, December 5, 2009

Maoists call Nepal bandh tomorrow after clashes leave 6 dead

KATHMANDU: Nepal’s Maoist leadership has announced a Nepal bandh Sunday after clashes between security forces and homeless Dalits in the far west killed at least six, including a woman and a policeman.

“Our party has always mooted land reforms to enable the landless possess land,” said Maoist lawmaker Netra Bikram Chand Biplab, announcing the general strike in Kathmandu at an impromptu press conference at the party headquarters after an eviction drive by security forces in remote Kailali district Friday resulted in violence, arson and death.

“We condemn the barbaric attack on the unarmed and homeless and demand action against the Home Minister (Bhim Rawal) and guilty policemen,” Biplab said.

Police said they had been ordered to remove a squatters’ colony from Dudhejhari forest in Baliya village in Kailali after nearly 15,000 Dalits encroached on the forest and began cutting down trees. They also said that the eviction had been approved by all major parties, including the Maoists.

The demolition was fiercely opposed by the settlers who fought back with bricks, bamboo poles and even knives and axes. While police constable Padam Er was killed on the spot, three more policemen were injured seriously after being hit with axes.The Maoists, whose Dalit organisations had called an anti-government protest on Friday nationwide with a chakka jam, jumped on the Kailali bandwagon, expressing solidarity with the settlers. They called a bandh Saturday in Kailali and its neighbouring districts as well as an indefinite general strike in the affected district.

The state rushed additional police and armed police personnel to the area as protesters began to set fire to cars and blocked part of the East-West highway that connects Nepal with India and is the main route for the supply of essential goods, including fuel. Police said protesters have taken two security personnel under their control: a sub-inspector of the Armed Police Force Dipendra Pandey and a constable Ram Bahadur Roka.

The Maoists have called four more strikes this month. On Wednesday, their trade union has called a trade and transport strike while the parent party has declared a three-day general strike from Dec 20.

Matrika Yadav Criticizes UCPNM, Seizes Land

This article was sent out on the Maoist Revolution e-list. The splinter party led by Yadav renamed itself CPN(Maoist) after the Maoist party changed its name to Unified CPN(Maoist).

CPN (Maoist) party cadres have been seizing land from the feudal lord

Matrika slams UCPN (Maoist)

Kantipur Report JANAKPURDHAM, July 10 – Matrika Yadav, who heads the dissident Maoist party, on Friday charged that the Unified CPN (Maoist) is a congregation of corrupt leaders.

Yadav, who is trying to extend the organisation of CPN (Maoist), claimed that people will raise their voice against the party laden with dishonesty.

Stating effort is being made to alter the name of Madhes, he claimed the existence of Madhesi leaders in the UCPN (Maoist) is for the showing purpose.

Referring to the electoral loss of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal in the Constituent Assembly (CA) elections, Yadav pointed out that UCPN (Maoist) Pushpa Kamal Dahal committed the biggest mistake of his life by appointing Nepal as CA member.

Institutionalisation of republic is a difficult proposition as long as the same orthodox and feudalist people remain in the government, said he.

Yadav further claimed that people have been encouraged after he broke up from the UCPN (Maoist) to form a new party. He went on to claim that his party cadres have been seizing land from the feudal lords and distributing to the landless in the Madesh. Yadav threatened to capture houses of the corrupted in near future.

Kiran: Liberated Property Stays with the People

This article originally appeared on on January 2, 2009.

Baidya Says Captured Properties of ‘Feudalists’ Won’t be Returned

Even as CPN (Maoist) has already expressed commitment to return private and public property it seized during the insurgency period, a senior leader of the former rebel party has said that “the captured houses and properties of feudalists will not be returned”.

Head of CPN (Maoist) all-powerful Organisation Department Mohan Baidya [Kiran] said that there will be no compromises on this matter as the party had chiefly waged the people’s war to end feudalism.

This remark by Baidya who is considered a party hawk and heads a radical faction inside the party comes a day after Prime Minister and party chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal assured that the properties seized by the Maoists will be returned within the next 90 days. He carefully hinted that the understanding reached with Nepali Congress (NC) Thursday was a sham, saying that it was the “same old one” having”nothing new in it”.

Baidya, who was speaking at an interaction program organized by Reporters Club in Butwal, also informed that the land properties belonging to”feudalists” will be distributed among poor people by formulating appropriate laws.

Stating that his party holds the people above everything else and that includes the government, he warned that in order to ensure the rights of the people the party can even walk out of the government and “go to the people” any time.